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    I3 10th gen
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    8 (4+4)
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    1 tb hdd Toshiba
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  1. For now these both will be enough i5. Also 16 gb will also be enough for now But the world is moving in the sense as you are using 3d modelling, solidworks, you may need more ram better cpu for apps to run better in the future. Whereas 3060 or 3070 will last for quite sometime I believe
  2. Nah Google is working on it. Thank you for the helping hand though Am using a Snapdragon 845, 6gb ram Android 10 Everything is updated but the applications that use webview also need to update from their end. And that is clashing
  3. If your pocket allows take the i7 10th gen rest looks good. Reason: you're planning to upgrade the graphics in future. So you'll plan to upgrade the ram as well. With a better cpu in place which allows more multi threads it will be helpful
  4. Looks like the LEDis gone maybe due to voltage fluctuations. It's normal. If it is warranty get it checked by the service guy they may replace the led console keeping the main motherboard or may replace the whole setup Hope this helps
  5. At the moment my phone. Most of the applications are getting force closed. My phone's up-to-date still.
  6. My ram disk space and cpu utilisation remains 100% most of the time I understand Excel sheets cannot take full RAM but they are not functioning smooth. And I work with huge data at times
  7. We as humans wanted to count everything so we called this thing as time and said 24 hours is taken to call it a day as per the current definitive math we got. Time travel as per the say as we are already traveling in it is possible and is happening Rest is all fiction.
  8. Awesome will do it and will share my experience cheers mate
  9. I got an i3 10th gen 8 gb ram. One 4 gb soldered and the other 4 added, 1 tb hdd and Intel uhd graphics a gb of vram. And system is very very slow. I use it for normal browsing, sometimes little coding. It takes a lot time for android studio to open . Eclipse works alright. Excel sucks at times. Orcad kills the system. Keil is alright too. Pycharm takes long time too. And I play small games as well like Borderlands. Want help in knowing if upgrading ram to 20 sodimm as overall with adding a small SSD will help me or should I wait for sometime and try to buy a