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  1. Changing boot type from Uefi+Legacy to Uefi made it work! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had been racking my head for days thinking of alternatives, and then of course i miss one detail. Thank you Everyone else for helping as well!
  2. I have the picture here. at the top of the stack is the Samsung SSD i ordered and is working, next is the USB stick that I used to install onto that SSD. I also cant seem to find Secure boot here within the Bios menu for this Mobo, but ive heard of it on other ones. Maybe im just not looking hard enough?
  3. I tried that previously, but was consistently met with install errors and problems saying that it could not install to another USB drive, so hence i went with an SSD i ordered from Ebay used. I checked and the whole drive works and functions as it should
  4. Ive done both. And it is the only Hard Disk recognizable to the system besides the USB installer. But when the SSD is put to the top of the boot order it simply says the same as if nothing was installed (please install bootable media and restart, you know the usual message when you try to turn on a pc with an empty drive.)
  5. I sure did that. FreeNAS 11.3-U5 downloaded and already loaded onto some generic USB stick that I have with Balena Etcher. I booted it and installed onto the Samsung SSD, and I know its there because everytime i come back to the launcher and REdo an install on that SSD, it says that there is a previous version and if I want to format and reinstall. I should be clearer lol sorry, basically i can install no problem onto the SSD, and when it says to reboot and remove the install USB i follow those instructions, but it doesnt load from the SSD. When I leave in the USB after reboot, it simply takes
  6. Hi all, If this topic has been answered to some caliber i dont mind deleting this but, A couple days ago I watched someone turn their old Desktop into a server with FreeNas installed. I thought with my old parts laying around I could use them. An i5-4460, MSI Z97 Krait, 16 GB of Ballistix DDR3 Ram at 1600Mhz, and a gtx 960. I installed FreeNAS onto a Samsung 128GB 2.5" SSD, but i continually hit the same problem. Once the installation is complete and it says to reboot and remove the install USB, i follow the instructions, but it simply will not boot from the SSD. Is there something I
  7. Yeah thats true. It makes sense if im outside of the room where my pc is, but i am sitting like 3-4 feet from my tower and it just does that rando connection. I reset my PC not too long ago and reinstalled Synapse but it causes the same problems. I should look into if they have any firmware updates for my headset, but of course as soon as i do that, all my peripherals except monitors just disconnect and Windows doesnt recognize them. Synpase is like a Root of some demented virus in my pc and I think its just horrible software. They claim to have such good products and I love Chroma, but holy h
  8. Alrighty, I come to you all in a great time of need. I have that nice Razer headset the Nari Ultimate. When I bought it about a year ago, it worked perfectly, albeit the very terrible mic that I ditched for a nice external mic. But after about 6 weeks, the issues started arising. the THX Surround software just wasnt working, or would work half the time. And boy does it get better. I found that it was an issue within the Synapse software and the use of the THX drivers that it causes it to crash about 50-90% of the time. So I ditched that and just use the game output. But oh boy, my problems wer
  9. Gotcha. Well I will say this is that I used the Reset PC tool in the Windows Troubleshooting page when you go in for repairs (the blue one you know, idk how else to describe it). It certainly kept all my files, but now just the process of making it back to the way I like it. But I am happy to say that I am back into my PC and I reinstalled most of my apps. Thank yall for helping me out with this. I truly appreciate it.
  10. I did the driver update. Nothing as expected. I did find that if I ran something in admin mode (like cmd), it pops up with the window asking if i want to authorize it. So now i am wondering if it is the desktop environment or the work of some error in explorer.exe . I am gonna give this more of a look into.
  11. Yeah I saw that somewhere else around here. Should I disable Windows Update from starting up right at the beginning of boot? Could it be the problem? I am also thinking of removing my Gpu and running on integrated graphics to see if that would solve the issue. Anything else that could be an issue? I am pretty close to just going ahead with re-installing Windows and hoping this problem wont happen again in the future.
  12. Ok gotcha, but I havent seen any sort of improvement. My buddy reccommended that I download an older driver from nvidia (w/o geforce experience of course) and run it to see if i get any change. Would it be worth a shot?
  13. All it is saying now is that it is the MIcrosoft Basic Display Adapter (Which is probably the better thing to have, no?).
  14. Nope, No luck. I completely uninstalled everything I could through Device Manager, but I did notice that the Display Adapter came back to fruition. What could be causing this? Is it a corrupted Bios on the card?
  15. Oh boy, even better. Nvidia wont allow me to uninstall its stuff in Safe mode. What do I do? EDIT: I cant Uninstall the last of the Nvidia things, and I am back to square one. What else is there for me to do?