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  1. It's also a moot point since It's an AMD GPU, actually. It's an MSI Armor RX 580 4GB. I have 16GB of RAM in the system. It's also important to stress that this corrupted picture was apparent from the first second I plugged it in as well as after I installed the Radeon drivers.
  2. I do not have another PC to test it in, no. However, I highly doubt it's an issue with the rest of the computer, since it's a brand new motherboard and CPU, and my old GPU still works as normal. It's not the monitor either, for much the same reason. I tested between both of my monitors (by themselves, just to make sure it wasn't a case of it not being able to drive both displays), and I get the exact same picture on both. It shouldn't be a power issue, since the GPU this is supposed to be replacing it only takes 40 more watts to power. With the PSU I have, that a power overhead of almost 300w.
  3. I took a chance on a GPU on ebay that said in plain English that they tested the card before listing. Finally got it in the mail, hooked it up, and immediately I get a corrupted picture from the motherboard logo screen. Nothing I've tried so far as fixed the issue: DDU, updating the drivers, reseting the card, changing PCIe slots, trying every single HDMI and DP port, nothing. They all give the same result: Is there anything else I should try before I send the guy a message asking what the hell is up?
  4. I took some advice from a friend and redid the zip-ties, choosing to instead chain ties together to relieve stress on the PCB. After that I plugged it in, figured out which fan it was in AI Suite's fan tuner, and configured it to always be at at least 50% fan speed, before quickly ramping up to 75% and ultimately 100%. This was moreso out of paranoia and desperately not wanting this thing to overheat and die. I did some quick testing in CS:GO, which were very promising, which encouraged me to give it a true stress test. I found a spot in Doom Eternal that pinged the GPU to near 100
  5. I guess the main concern I have is that the PCB is bending slightly where I attached the zip ties...
  6. Okay so this is what I Frankensteined together. I don't really have a way to secure the one corner, other than maybe trying some twine connected from the screw hole on the fan to the bracket, but I don't know if it's necessarily a good idea to take something as flammable as twine and putting it anywhere near a GPU.
  7. If I were to strap the fan directly to the GPU heat sink, I would want it to blow air towards it, not away from it, yeah? (Please operate on the assumption I don't know what I'm doing because I don't.
  8. If it helps matters, I found a picture of the GPU without its shroud. I'd take pictures myself but I'm at work, currently.
  9. I was upgrading my computer today and in the process I dropped my Asus GTX 970 . For whatever reason, this has caused the fan in the GPU to get stuck and click when trying to spin the blower. I've taken the whole card apart down to the fan. I can't see any damage on the fan that could even cause a problem. Now, I've done a lot of research in the time since this happened, and replacing the fan with a replacement part is not viable in the short term since the only parts are in China. Also not viable in the short term is buying a new GPU for obvious and infuriating reasons. The system runs "fine"
  10. Thanks for the peace of mind. I appreciate it.
  11. So I got fed up with the GPU shortage and just decided to buy the parts I can get now and just rock my 970 until I can somehow manage to get my hands on a 3060ti. Anyway, I have an old NZXT S340 case that I don't see much point in replacing, but I figured I should maybe upgrade the cooling. I'm replacing my Cooler Master Evo 212 with a Noctua NH-D15, and I'm replacing the cheap fans that came with the case with a set of Noctua fans. My case can easily fit 3 140s and a 120. However, after hitting buy, I wondered if my mobo can even support the fans. I looked it up and the mobo I bought (ASUS TU
  12. So, I had already run those tests before hand and got a clean bill of health from both. Unfortuately, in the time since I wrote the first post, an update got deployed and just like before, the weird stuff started happening. Luckily, I had task manager up by the time it started happening. Before the weird shit, it was zig-zagging from 20% utilization to generally 30-40%. However, the second stuff started to break, utilization went down to 3 then 0 then 5 then 0 then 1 then 0 then 1 then 0 and on and on and on. Moreso, nearly every process was getting zero usage by the CPU, (i.e Chro
  13. To be honest, I don't know if it is or not. Here's what I do know: A few days ago I decided to clean out my laptop and turn it into a glorified Chromebook. It would just be used for browsing the internet around the house, doing school stuff when I'm at school, and serving as a pseudo-second screen at my desk (aka serving as a YouTube machine while I play games). However, when I turned it on it started to act weird and was being very slow. So, I gave it a restart. This worked well... for a short while. After about a minute or so, the buttons on my trackpad would stop working and exp
  14. At the beginning I assumed that case would hinder connection. I just felt like testing it out because why not. However, I don't really feel like testing it anymore. I found a spot on the outside of the case to stick the antenna and it looks pretty okay. Not too noticeable from the viewing angle the case will most bee looking at from. Thanks for the tip though.
  15. I certainly could, but it was just a thought that crossed my mind. Regardless, I did the test. First, I ran both fast.com and speedtest.net, with speedtest getting two tests of it's own: one to a server local to Hawaii (where I live) and one in San Francisco. Then, I did the same tests inside the case. Then I did each again to see if speeds were repeatable. Outside Test #1: Fast.com: 41Mbps Speedtest to Hawaii: 71Mbps down, 23 Mbps up Speedtest to San Francisco: 42Mbps down, 21Mbps up Outside Test #2: Fast.com: 43Mbps Speedtest to Ha