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  1. Still a useless device, no matter how many times OP is gonna edit his post. Android is objectively a better OS than iOS at this point, and security isn’t a real issue if you are gonna use this as an offline music device. If anything, Android with its easy transfer of audio files from a PC to the mobile device is better suited at being a music player than anything based upon iOS
  2. Do you think Epic will re-release some of their older games with this engine? Rocket League for example is still using UE3 and it's hurting the amount of updates and upgrades Psyonix can introduce. Might we see a Rocket League 2 build upon UE5 soon?
  3. Summary Apple started a repair program for the 13 inch MacBook flexgate issue a while back, for some reason the 15 inch wasn't included. Obviously, Apple buyers weren't happy and they have taken the issue in their own hands. Quotes My thoughts The issue affected my gf 15 inch 2016 MacBook Pro, the repair quote was almost 1000€, so she got a new laptop instead. Seems pretty wastful to me. Sources https://www.pcmag.com/news/judge-decides-apple-knowingly-sold-defective-macbook-pros
  4. Finally a company attacking Apple's monopoly, I've been waiting for this for nearly ten years
  5. Saying that Apple is a follower nowadays is ludicrous. Apple releases the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack Google releases the Pixel 1, making fun of Apple for omitting the headphone jack Apple releases the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X without a headphone jack, with a notch and gesture navigation Google releases the Pixel 2 without a headphone jack Apple releases the iPhone Xs and Xr Apple without a headphone jack, with a notch and gesture navigation Google releases the Pixel 3 without a headphone jack, with a notch and gesture navigation Android
  6. On the WiFi: I know there are only 3 non-overlapping channels: 1, 6 and 11 But what if they are all heavily used? Is it better to pick something like channel 8 or 9 in this case?
  7. Well, we already know they won't update Windows RT and Vista so I'm a bit concerned ... I don't know if I can bear W8 for much longer
  8. Hello everyone With all this talk about the free Windows 10 update, there's something Microsoft always avoided: the problem of laptops with Windows 8.1 with Bing. Will it be possible to update to W10 from a W8.1 with Bing laptop and will it be free? TIA
  9. It was credible until: Anyway, this made my day
  10. Apple is still ripping you off, whether you take R&D develoment in consideration or not. The Apple Watch (egular edition) cost about $500 for a $100 watch when other tech companies will charge $250 for a $100 watch. By the time Apple releases the iWatch 10, R&D costs will be almost nothing and the watch will still cost $500.
  11. I never bought a product from them but ... Apple. You're clearly paying too much, but at least the product is great. Samsung isn't bad either and if I can pick an 'unknown' brand: I love Medion laptops Asus and Sony seem to be pretty good too, but I don't have any experience with their products. EDIT: add AMD to the list. (Intel makes quite a lot of stupid Celeron and Pentium processors which are then sold as 'fast processors' because 'it is Intel!')
  12. Good one. I'd love to see Luke's first appearing on screen.
  13. Couldn't agree more. I bought a raspberry pi, put it in a nice case and configured it ... and now it's just getting dusty behind some monitor I never turn on. It's cool, but you need to have a clear goal in mind before considering buying it. The community is incredible indeed. This is why you should buy a Pi instead of another random mini PC. When Raspbian is up and running, it 'll show the mobile version of Facebook. So yeah you can use Facebook but it isn't pretty. Running a browser with two tabs and libreoffice at the same time isn't possible. Multitasking is VERY
  14. They said the same thing about saphhire glass and I still don't have it on my iPhone.