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  1. I picked up a link for my oldest daughter when they went on sale so she could play games while I’m gone without having to risk messing up my system. Worked pretty well for the type of games she played (mostly old lego games)
  2. I will actually have to buy at least one. If not two. My son is a lefty and I know finding good mice for him may get hard if he gets into pc gaming. He’s only 6 right now. But still have to think ahead.
  3. I’m in the same position. It looks like it would be a good airflow design and be a very aesthetically pleasing chasis
  4. They aren’t required to implement the chip reading for another year. Probably because of cost to upgrade pumps. Personally I think it’s bad practice and just needs to be forced out so we can ditch the damn mag stripe entirely. It’s a dated standard and as is evident to easy to read and manipulate.
  5. Mmmmm I think it’s time for breach of contract lawsuits to enforce this agreement that these devs/publishers have agreed to.
  6. I think he will. But he may look at what he is going to be able to get fully. Meaning are the small SMCs going to be available. Or will he still have to source them from donors kind of thing. If it’s worth his time then I suspect he will get certifications and parts
  7. Possibly that only machines that are 3 years old newer are supported
  8. I’m gonna go wait for him to post his video with his opinions on it
  9. i have an FX-8350 based system still as well at home. and i can honestly say it is disappointing me a lot lately. the system i have in my semi truck is a ryzen 5 2600 and it completely smokes this FX one.
  10. Like all electronics they eventually fail. It does suck it happened. Now my question is why wasn’t their a failover switch?
  11. Back when I was in high school, mainly senior year, I would get out at 3pm. Be on the clock by 4pm. Work until 1am. Shower, play two hours of video games. Snag 4-5 hours of sleep. And be back in class by 8am. Granted by end of senior year I was a legal adult so labor rules changed dramatically. But I had been doing that schedule for months before I turned 18.
  12. I guess when I get home I’ll have to get the computer out of the work truck and get these updates done. As well as the nuc on the tv.
  13. Literally the same thing Apple does with the App Store. Granted this has gotten Apple into their big lawsuit. But now that google does it will it change anything? Or as some others have said, you can use a different App Store. Will that be the magic shield that keeps google from having a similar lawsuit filed against them?
  14. Proof? This is America! All we need is to claim you did it. And that means you did it.
  15. If this does turn out to be true it will no doubt damage the brand in an irreparable way. That’s been one of the “arguments” of iOS over android. Less data collected and sold. Well allegedly
  16. I personally don’t think it is. But then again not everyone is comfortable messing in bios to get an overclock done.
  17. Personally I think the 3800X is gonna be the low seller. The price increase versus what you get is marginal from the specs given so far over a 3700X. But maybe they will pull an intel and reduce pcie lanes or something.
  18. Maybe if Win 10 S caught on and had some decent market share it would happen
  19. this is probably more of a personal opinion than anything but i really dont want renewables. and its not because i dont love the earth. i just dont want to look out over the horizon and all i see are wind mills and solar panels everywhere.
  20. I didn’t use nvidia 3D vision. However I did have a buddy who has a decent gaming pc back then. And I had bought the 240Hz PlayStation tv. So we tried BF3. It was cool but gave both of us massive headaches very fast
  21. I’ll accept even a one to two month delay for the new halo.
  22. this is a unfortunate limitation of SQLite. which i love very much. i had a project though that had multiple client locations and because of the IT department had to be run entirely serverless. SQLite worked but the db file was synced over the network file server. our work around was to open the file, run the command, and then close the connection. this mostly worked. file system and how the OS handles files plays a big role in concurrency. one thing we found was reading the file actually wasnt the issue. it was having more than one person trying to write to it.
  23. Even the text part is only limited to SMS and calls to cellular. iPod touch supports FaceTime Audio and iMessage. Which in my family at least covers the important contacts for my kids.