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  1. I mean for desktop it is completely negligible, I have a 10900k and a 2080 Super so for me it's just having the side monitor up for lowering the framerate while streaming games
  2. Higher bandwidth of what exactly?
  3. So before in the past when I used my laptop and an external monitor I swear it would give me way less performance, but I am not sure if it's because it's mixed resolutions going from 4k on the laptop to 1080p of the monitor or just something with hardware. So right now I have a 240hz 1080p gsync panel, is there any performance hits from using a different refreshrate/resolution for the secondary monitor?
  4. Ah yes, Nvidia wants to sell less during the most profitable time of year so third parties who don't give them money can take it from them.
  5. Would I like an extra charger? Yes Do I still have my fast charger from my Pixel 4XL and Pixel 1 XL? Yes While I do think companies like to market the aspect of it "being for the environment it probably does have the ulterior motive. I do know that sometimes you can get crappy third part chargers that can be bad for batteries which is one of the reasons (besides profit) companies recommend to use only offical chargers. But if I would to be looking to but a Pixel 6 I wouldn't care about if I get a free charger with it, I just want the phon
  6. I wonder why Epic didn't cite these in Apple's monopoly case, shutting down access of competitors for like half the US marketshare and then selling your own version right after it seems abusive.
  7. My balance would be too bad for something like a onewheel or an electric skateboard unfortunately. Here is an example of a Rad folding bike https://www.radpowerbikes.com/collections/folding-electric-bikes/products/radmini-step-thru-electric-folding-bike now I am not as much of a fan of this design as it's more of a mini bike size and I am somewhat tall so I am looking for something a little bit bigger but still that can fold up so it can fit in my trunk.
  8. I am looking for a ebike that can fold so I can keep it in my car's trunk, (it's a sedan). I am hoping that it has more than just peddle assist and can do just throttle since I have breathing issues and have to get around a campus quickly. My budget is max around $1000 USD and I am trying to also find one that I can finance. Also as I am fairly tall I need handle bars that can rise up, and preferable be in a position I don't have to lean over too much. I don't know that much about ebikes besides like Rad Bikes so I am open to all suggestions.
  9. Yeah just like patreon where currency is used. I guess saying internal might be confusing, but for this purpose just think of it like patreon.
  10. What do you mean about token payment? It is supposed to be something like patreon, where you can search a username or take a link, subscribe to that user, and then they can see only their posts.
  11. I am looking to help make a website for my company, and what they are looking to do is something kind of like Patreon but on a smaller scale for internal use for a company. They are looking to have members who can subscribe to see specific posts from different users. And all the users have to be approved by an admin before they can post and have people subscribe to their content but I also like don't want these people to have any admin access or other accounts, just theirs and maybe a dm to a user they sub to. I am really new to website hosting and creation and I am trying to find somethi
  12. actually it disappeared in the middle of a file transfer, I wonder if it is dying or the connection is loose
  13. IDK why but after I left the BIOS the drive just showed up the next time I loaded windows, maybe because it was like 8 months since I turned on the laptop idk
  14. So I have an old laptop I went to transfer some files off of and the drive no longer shows up. It shows it is still in the bios and it was partitioned and everything a long time ago. But I came back to it and now it won't even show in disk management in windows yet it shows it is detected by bios. Any ideas?