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    Ryzen 1700X
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    Gigashyte X370 Gaming 5
  • RAM
    32GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    EVGA 1080Ti
  • Case
    Corsair 400C in White
  • Storage
    2.25TB of SSDs
  • PSU
    750W Corsair
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    4k Samsung tv 43", 25" Dell Ultrasharp 1440p
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    Noctua DH-15-SE-AM4
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    Cheapo Microsoft 600
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    Logitech G502
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    £1 earbuds from Ebay
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    Windows 10 / Ubuntu whatever the latest

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  1. It goes back further than that, he protests absolutely everything SpaceX does. Blue Origin protested over SpaceX getting Pad 39A, every step of the way they show themselves to be lobbyists rather than actually pushing forward and being the better product. They haven't even been able to deliver the BE-4 engine to ULA yet. Meanwhile SpaceX made orbital rockets that can land themselves, strapped an experimental engine to a flying water tower, are building rocket engines in tents, and deploying a first of it's kind world wide internet satellite ISP.
  2. Surely benchmarking could sort this out? If they benchmark and it's within expected ranges then it is just a vbios issue. Not like Dell can just shave some cores off, and I'm sure Nvidia wouldn't be shipping another variant without public knowledge or press release etc.
  3. Sorry bud, dinner was in the oven and I had just seen the notifications. Was only looking to give that link as I'd saved it from before when a similar argument had gone on on Reddit. All best, have a good day.
  4. Happily. https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2019/05/27/socket-am4-platform-longevity-getting-ryzen-3000-ready "With the launch of the AM4 platform in 2016, we at AMD made a commitment to maintain and support socket AM4 through 2020. During that time, we have continued to evolve the platform to offer new features, more performance, and greater functionality. With a single socket ranging from entry level to enthusiast class motherboards, consumers have the flexibility to start with the hardware that meets their needs today, and upgrade to their growing performance demand
  5. In 2017 they promised support for AM4 through 2020, that's when AMD 5000 was released. That's why I adopted early, because Intel had landlocked me into 1 generation updates. I can get up to a 3000 chip and that's great, but don't pretend like they "never promised" that's horseshit.
  6. Microsoft didn't patent it. You don't even need to read the source, just the first line of the quote to understand it's a company called Ironburg that holds the patent, and Microsoft correctly licensed it for use. Not only that, 4 people actually ticked agree or like on your comment... yikes.
  7. Oh come on now, it will also be briefly mentioned on WAN Show before being derailed to talk about water bottles, underwear or floatplane.
  8. Nvidia is manually reviewing the orders to try and weed out the bots https://www.pcmag.com/news/nvidia-is-manually-reviewing-rtx-3080-orders-to-stop-scalpers
  9. Just want to settle this one, because I understand where the confusion is coming from. Bombastinator is right. Then I know because of the order the quotes read it may not make sense at first, but it seems Sony was betting in July that because of all the people staying at home there would be even more demand, and increased their order, but then found by now (September) the yields wont support that, so they've revised it down.
  10. I tend to agree, I genuinely think cutting production targets could be down to stretching some of the silicon too far. Demand wont be the issue.
  11. UPDATE: Per GamesIndustry.biz article, Sony is denying the rumour. Summary Sony has apparently cut production target of the PS5 by 4 million units due to yield problems with the SOC (System On Chip, i.e AMD's CPU and GPU). Quotes Please note, original article is from the Japanese Bloomberg, hence the reference to Japanese release dates and pricing. My thoughts The yield issue is interesting. We know the PS5 includes fewer CUs in the graphics unit compared to Microsoft's Series X, but clocks much higher to make up for this. This yield problem
  12. I'm not as sure. Think about a commuter train or subway for example. How many people take out their phone and pair some Bluetooth headphones. Someone could ride the train for a few hours and hack several phones with a perfectly legitimate reason for being there in close proximity. I guess it really depends what they can do with whatever access this vulnerability gives them. Written from my Nokia 8 with Bluetooth turned off and a headphone jack.
  13. They've definitely been playing a bit of a stand off. I feel like Nvidia made their announcement because they knew they had a compelling product, they wanted to get out ahead of the console and AMD announcements (basically all three are AMD in one way or another). and set the price bar comparatively low (obviously I don't think $699 is pocket change). AMD doesn't seem to want to announce RDNA 2 before the consoles, maybe contractual stuff, maybe they don't want to skew perception of the consoles which will make them a lot of money for the next 8 years. And they now will have to con
  14. It's possible, however discless PS5 offers them much more in terms of future revenue. There's no used games, every copy is bought through their store or economy. While $50 might seem like the literal price that should be taken off, the discless one is the one that is much more open to subsidizing as they will make more money per game sold on that in the long run.