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  1. Try go dual channel and higher memory speed. Also that driver is old, are you using pre-spectre patch system? What is your window version?
  2. Man, Japan need to release HD version of their old J-Drama especially 90s J-Drama.
  3. 2020, still wandering around Tyria.
  4. Which 570 need a freaking 6+8 pin? Open case and check your PSU model?
  5. Superposition is more GPU bound compare to Valley, that's why i asked you to use that in the 1st place.
  6. Try run Superposition 1080p Extreme because Furmark is as accurate as cow's poo.
  7. I don't know which runtime Origin use so download the zip file in link below, extract, and then install. https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/tag/v0.27.0
  8. Old vid but i still chuckled. (strong language)
  9. Then try higher bitrate, 80mbps or 100mbps. I don't know the upper limit though.
  10. Try check Event Viewer for crash log or something.
  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Probably sensors name changed when you uninstall the iGPU driver. iGPU probably named GPU1 internally but after you uninstalled it, your 570 is now GPU1.
  12. You need to re-enable it back in MSI AB Settings>Monitoring tab.
  13. Depend on games but 6 cores or 4c/8t is minimum nowadays imo. Games like BF:V, AC:O will definitely tank more on that processor compare to using 4c/8t.
  14. Not as pretty as NFS2015 but i prefer this one better. Police is brutal af after 3 stars.
  15. Marginally slower iirc but at that price $220 1660s is a much better choice.
  16. Get an RTX card. Blender rendering with OptiX backend utilizing the RT cores is so much faster than any other render method but if you render a complex scene that need LOTS of VRAM then Radeon VII is better. https://techgage.com/article/testing-blender-2-81-alpha-with-nvidia-rtx/ https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=blender-281-optix&num=2
  17. Hmm.. i forgot about that 4GB frame buffer lol. How much for an 8GB 5500XT?
  18. 1. Depend on games but overall 1650s is slightly slower over 590, around 5%-8%. 2. 1660s is around 15%-20% faster over 590. Much faster when overclocked. 3. 1650s Strix have higher power limit(130w) which you can OC and overtake 590 performance while consuming over 100 watts less. 4. Your weaker CPU will benefit more using Nvidia GPU in many DX11 games because of better threaded driver. 1 5. Your CPU is too weak for VR imo* 6. Make sure your PSU is adequate for 590 if you buy that. What is your price for these cards? and which model? -RX590 -GTX1650s -GTX1660s
  19. Try cap your FPS below your average and see if GPU usage drop.