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  1. Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. The problem might be just a few files on the disk I am reading from. Copying from a different drive to the Seagate works as expected. Copying from different directories around the disk that currently holds the Steam library also works as expected. But a bunch of files within the Steam library cause this copy hang. Is there any way I can test the part of a disk that a file occupies to see if it is partially bad? The disk itself looks ok - I don't think its a logic issue - but I'm wondering if I have some dud sectors on it.
  2. Hi Many thanks for such quick replies The adaptor has a 12 volt power supply so can power 3.5 drives, I've used it without issue for years. I can also create test files - as mentioned the copy runs for 10 mins or so before just grinding to a halt. The Seagate drive is a ST10000DMZ10 - how can I use this to check what type it is? Thanks again. <Edit> Ok I have found some data sheets for Seagate drives eg > https://www.seagate.com/staticfiles/docs/pdf/datasheet/disc/barracuda-ds1737-1-1111us.pdf But they
  3. Hi I am trying to copy my Steam library to a 1tb Seagate Baracuda HD, a spinny one not an ssd. Once copied I will use the Seagate drive for Steam instead of the current one which only has a small Steam partition (and which is full) so I can use the old Steam space for other files. I have the Seagate drive plugged into a usb to sata adaptor which I have used without any issues in the past, and used around 3 months ago for a similar task. Once the copy is done it will go into the pc case; I’m doing it this way as I can also make sure the drive is working witho
  4. Hi, I've been looking for an 8(ish) inch tablet for a while. Probably Android as Apple products are out of my price range and probably not Samsung as the last one of those I had never received an os update. That said I doubt if no-name tablets would either? Thing is it appears that the cpu/gpu combination in most (all?) those available in the UK is far less powerful than equivalent priced mobile phones. Is this generally the case; anywhere never mind just the UK? I can see lots of quad core 2ghz 2gb Android tablets but nothing faster in an 8ish inch screen size. 3gb tablets exist b
  5. Thanks for the info. To fill in some missing stuff from my 1st post, The bios is F30, F31o is beta (hence the small o). G-Skill initially told me I had to upgrade to this until I pointed out that their qvl - not Gigabyte's - stated the ram was compatible long before the latest beta release. According to the bios the ram is running at 1.358v at 3200mhz but it will not go any faster. The Dimms came from Amazon and they can go back there, but the question is what do I get instead? This ram is supposed to be 'optimised for Ryzan' and compatible but clearly isn't - least not
  6. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus Elite(x570), as for the CPU its an AMD Ryzen 3600.
  7. Hi I recently bought 32gb of G-skill 3600 memory for my Aorus Elite based PC. Its F4-3600C18D-32GTZN and was on a special deal at Amazon. The ram is listed on G-skill's web as compatible with the board, but I cannot get it to run at the full 3600, only 3200. Enabling xmp reads the profile from the ram correctly(?) but the board sets the speed to 3200 not 3600. Attempting to manually adjust the timings to push it any faster results in 3 cold boot resets and the ram defaulting to its base clock. G-skill have told me that the ram could be faulty and I can RMA it, however I’m wond