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  1. Can you show where you changed it and to what? What is the model name of your 2nd monitor btw?
  2. Windows and graphic driver/hardware. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005526/graphics.html Newer than those get WDDM 2.0 support which explain your i5-4690. Hmm.. I haven't try that yet.
  3. Can't you change back the resolution to whatever supported?
  4. They need to make it as free update for fastest adoption imo unless that is not their goal.
  5. 1. Easy, go into Settings>Monitoring 2. Find and highlight CPU Temperature 3. Scroll down to Correction Formula and put x-60 as a new value. Now you'll get a fake sub-zero reading of your CPU temp. Honestly, it's probably reporting a different reading compare to Ryzen Master. Try check with HWiNFO.
  6. What happen if you click it? Or swipe it to the right?
  7. Raw performance wise the 3090 is slightly better if not similar(or slightly slower out of the box). No question about that. Thermal and noise? definitely goes to the Suprim. Since the price is similar, I personally will take 3090 because the Founder Edition is sexy af.
  8. Sadly, no. AFAIK, this feature need WDDM2.0 driver support while Intel HD 4000 driver only support WDDM1.2/1.3 Maybe you can extract the GPU driver in Window Insider dev channel and install it on your "normal stable" window installation?
  9. Check if your router support URL filter.
  10. Try check if the paper sensor got pulled out or something.
  11. It's 3am and I'm suppose to wake up at 6, but my brain right now...
  12. 1. Try with a different PSU. 2. Try using a different PCIE slot. 3. Do a clean driver reinstall with DDU and NVCleanstall. 4. Try set Prefer Maximum Performance in NVCP instead of Optimal Power.
  13. Damn son. Official server? IIRC, the game is locked at 30fps?
  14. Usually some software that use Hardware Acceleration will most likely prevent the gpu to enter low power state. - Most Internet Browser (can disable in Setting) - Discord (can disable in Setting) - Steam (can disable in Setting) - RTX Voice (close the program) Oh.. probably your monitor configuration prevent it to enter low power.
  15. Check if the core and memory clock actually at low power state.
  16. Considering that you're asking this question while still using a GTX 970@1600p on 2021, I think you'll be just fine with 8GB.
  17. Hard to say, how far in the future? 2-3-4-5-6 years?