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  • Birthday September 30

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    wouldn't you wanna know?
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    it has been covered up!


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    amd a6-9220
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    the one which they gave is nameless!
  • RAM
    4 gigs at 1866mhz ddr4
  • GPU
    amd radeon r4 graphics
  • Case
    typical plastic laptop case
  • Storage
    toshiba 500gb hdd at 5400rpm
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    the one given by them... still will be nameless!
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    720p at 60hz
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    integrated cooling solution
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    no mouse only track pad
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    realtek hd sound
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    multiboot system consisting of windows 10,ubuntu,cent os,chrome os
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    shattered....into peices

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  1. I understand...if it were the manufacturer support it would take 3 weeks to get a answer
  2. well I live near the equator, its about to be monsoon here the summer lasts from march to june
  3. if I did, the summer would be coming and winter would be ending, monsoon is about to start here
  4. no, and a storm is soon coming, the winter is near
  5. maybe it did and just did this to make us think it didn't, playing mind games on us.
  6. hp is the worse at that part...I have mainly come here looking for a way to "unlock" the hidden featres of the bios as such
  7. no it has actually been reserved as system memory so it cannot even be used
  8. it has a discrete gtx 1650 so, I should be fine, also the bios has nothing about , well anything...it is a very locked down bios
  9. it only gets worse, doesn't it?
  10. been some time ngl

    1.   Show previous replies  3 more
    2. TheCoverUp


      14 minutes ago, FakeKGB said:

      How many notifications did you come back to?


    3. FakeKGB


      33 minutes ago, TheCoverUp said:


      Pfft. I went camping for 4 days and came back to 195.


      Want me to make the number go up?

    4. TheCoverUp


      13 hours ago, FakeKGB said:

      Pfft. I went camping for 4 days and came back to 195.


      Want me to make the number go up?

      nah I am fine kek


  11. hmm, been some time since I have come here
  12. right now the integrated graphics is eating 2 gigs of ram ou tof my 8 gig ram stick. it is a hp laptop. the hp 15-ec0101ax.
  13. hmmmmmm, haven't quite been here in a loooong time