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    wouldn't you wanna know?
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    it has been covered up!


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    amd a6-9220
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    the one which they gave is nameless!
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    4 gigs at 1866mhz ddr4
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    amd radeon r4 graphics
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    typical plastic laptop case
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    toshiba 500gb hdd at 5400rpm
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    the one given by them... still will be nameless!
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    720p at 60hz
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    integrated cooling solution
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    no mouse only track pad
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    realtek hd sound
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    multiboot system consisting of windows 10,ubuntu,cent os,chrome os
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    shattered....into peices

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  1. I don't think I can help you much with this.....so I will dm you a link of their discord...there they will help you with all the problems you may face...
  2. not there.....press ctrl+alt+T on the keyboard to reach the crosh shell....there type shell and press enter...then you can use the bluetoothctl cmd...
  3. it is a frequent problem....and it has happened to many devices using brunch.... these drivers aren't in the actual cros img thus this happens..all these drivers are additional drivers added by sebanc. thus they don't play well with the gui but work with cli.. btw...the cmds are "bluetoothctl" in the shell.. " scan on" "connect (the device id) " all of these stuff is general linux....so you can just google it
  4. @mr_paradox the bluetooth has a bit of a problem......you need to use the terminal to pair the bluetooth devices....once paired you can connect to the device using gui...
  5. please tell the following info: type of install (dual or single boot) the bluetooth card name....
  6. must have changed its location on the list....lol
  7. I have been offline from this fourm for sometime.....now I am seeing this after its redesign and it is reminding me of the new gsuite logos....kinda hurting my eyes.

  8. either way, I cannot afford it...it can reach upto 3times the cost in other countries when it comes to my country due to taxes and whatnot.