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  1. That's normal. Nothing to worry about. Wait... looping? You mean it constantly reboot?
  2. Not all games looks like that. Some game engine have really bad stair case/pixel crawling effects and some doesn't. Indeed, but it doesn't ruin/degrade the image quality that bad.
  3. Upload to imgur.com instead. From your 2nd screenshot i can see the staircase effect on the sword. Probably look much worse in motion.
  4. No, i never signed in to MS account or connect to the internet when setting up a new laptop. I'll check again when another one arrive.
  5. Meh, at least it doesn't brick your windoze installation and you can remove it manually.
  6. Yes, 280x a.k.a 7970 support Vulkan API.
  7. Like checkerboard rendering? We already have that. But tech like DLSS or FidelityFX is superior imo.
  8. really? i just opt-out from one last week. i don't think that brand new laptop come pre-logged in. i didn't checked though.
  9. or.. you an run Windows Store and op-out of the S mode. No login required.
  10. What software u use to make it as a bootable USB?
  11. Check if it detect your onboard audio. Run these in terminal aplay -l hwinfo --sound
  12. Titanfall 2 get a 2nd life when they released it on Steam last year. I had fun playing it in SP and MP.
  13. Broke my phone screen last week. Fixing it cost almost half the price of this phone which make me thinking of buying new one instead. either this or the Poco X3 Pro.
  14. Ta.. Takahiro? *released fanboy scream* his voice man.. still sound like his debut almost 15 years ago.
  15. Tell the average clock speed your card achieved under load. As for "Idle" Perf Cap Reason, does it show that while the card is under load?
  16. Bought this so i can paint stuffs to release stress.
  17. Ditto, but i honestly think that guy is legit. I learnt few things from his videos and it helped me with my back problem. Also i don't think his previous patients faked their expression.
  18. 1660 Ti is probably your cheapest option with some availability on the 2nd hand market. Not the Max-Q version though.
  19. I thought DS4 support DualSense controller? I've noticed some updates related to DualSense controller. Make sure you download Ryochan7's DS4 Windows and not Jays2King's which was dead for many years already. https://ryochan7.github.io/ds4windows-site/ Also are you using cable or bluetooth?