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  1. Did you use DDU to remove your graphic driver before reinstalling it?
  2. Try run DDU and reinstall AMD driver. If problem persist probably system memory related. Also, Windows 7. JK. What ever float your boat.
  3. No idea, micro stutter or frame time issue goes beyond AMD vs Nvidia GPU. I told the guy to bring his rig so i can check if it actually the GPU or something else. If you're using HDMI cable, Nvidia GPU will look more washed out compare to AMD because Nvidia for what ever reason even in 2020 defaulted the Output Dynamic Range to Limited Range instead of Full Range which is stupid waste of time imo. Depend on game engine imo, some game benefit from AMD superior bandwidth and higher VRAM capacity. (comparing Polaris vs Pascal)
  4. 1660 is like at least tier higher than 1060 6GB, around 20% faster.
  5. Funny, I got a customer last week that asked if we have 580/570 in stock because PUBG look smoother in his friend PC with 580 despite his 1060 FPS is higher.
  6. Memory Management is usually RAM related, try run Memtest+ or try to find and isolate the problematic stick/module.
  7. Depend on games, some games works better on Nvidia and some on AMD. If you going to play games that use OpenGL like Java Minecraft, Nvidia GPU will always be better. Not really, Nvidia support Freesync as well since 1000 series but if your monitor is not in Nvidia Gsync-Compatible list then the experience is probably better on AMD GPU. Your PSU is fine.
  8. The Astonishing from Dream Theater. For some reason i couldn't click with any of the songs in that album. Not even one and that album got like 30+ new songs.
  9. Nah it just a carbon fiber wrap. Real carbon fiber gonna be a hell lot more expensive. lol
  10. Did you ran it headless?
  11. Finally replaced my super old desk that have been partially chopped to accommodate my steering wheels many years ago. Gonna do more cleanup this weekend to clear those things behind. Hopefully i got the energy for it.
  12. My queen is back with her new single. and oh, have you guys heard about this Japanese band call Coldrain? They're pretty dope.
  13. Yup, still Coldrain. Had fun screaming to their songs, definitely released some stress building up in me.. and this.
  14. Still on Coldrain listening spree. Masato voice really grew on me.
  15. Can you take direct screenshot/print screen to isolate screen/cable problem?
  16. I don't think you'll ever get used to it because driving a left hand car is totally different feeling compare to driving a right hand car.
  17. A proprietary tech locked to a single vendor? Doubt it, once DirectML Super Resolution become available, developers will surely jump on to that and slowly neglect DLSS.
  18. Use forum Code/Syntax highlight thingy? C: D:
  19. Something to relax my overthinking brain.
  20. Which have been discontinued since 4-5 years ago? The guy is working with AMD since then, RadeonLive is probably one of his work. If you want to disable ULPS you can use MSI Afterburner.