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  1. *slow clap* WRC9 is on EGS timed exclusive. If you copied the files into appropriate folder including appmanifest_<numbers>.acf, you can play the game straight away, no?
  2. 2mm! I can't find one that is available locally. Damn my itchy finger man, you clearly said spoiler because of Ramadan. Totally regretting it right now.
  3. I play it way back in 2012 and it was fine. I never encounter any game breaking or major bug. Just some graphical glitches.
  4. 1660s will net you at least around 30% more performance, depend on games. I'm not sure if that extra 2GB will help you in term of VR performance. You need to check if VRAM was the actual cause of instability.
  5. *release another manly fanboy scream* ~TAKAHIROOO!
  6. It meant the card only support feature level 11_0 which is the minimum required for DX12 API Things like Ray tracing, Variable-Rate Shading need feature level 12_2 support.
  7. Maybe internet connectivity or internet speed problem?
  8. You need a somewhat beefy processor too.
  9. Cost me $245 A somewhat side-grade in term of processing power, an upgrade in everything else. RIP Mate You're my only Mate in the past 3+ years.
  10. That green arrow terminal is +ve
  11. But it's working though? That monitor Freesync range is too narrow. 40-60 When you limit your FPS, always limit it a few frames lower.
  12. Try cap it at 59/58/57.
  13. F1 2020 WRC8 Dirt 5 Grip: Combat Racing <-- this is fun for 2 players split screen
  14. What fps did you locked it to?
  15. 4 passes is the default config, you need to manually change it for more or less.
  16. Yes, Steam is monopoly. I blame their cheap game prices, sense of community and great infrastructures. You cannot do that to consumers! I hope this company rot in hell.