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  1. My bad, apparently this chip only support single channel memory.
  2. It should support dual channel and your iGPU will benefit a lot from it imo.
  3. Lofi Hip-Hop. Nujabes vibe. R.I.P MF DOOM.
  4. Hmm.. maybe i should try 446.14 too. I've been experiencing stuttering in Guild Wars 2 since like a month or 2 ago.
  5. Check Msconfig Advanced Boot Option if you accidentally limit your CPU cores.
  6. Try reinstall it? Or you can try reinstall with this AIO Redistributable https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist/releases/tag/v0.40.0
  7. Open Task Manager while playing and check load percentage of your HDD.
  8. Nah, it doesn't show allocated VRAM like many other monitoring softwares. This is an old screenshot of me playing Titanfall 2.
  9. Download and run Process Explorer. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer Double click on Warzone and check Dedicated VRAM Usage in GPU Graph tab. This will show you the real VRAM usage instead of allocated one.
  10. You should check Cyberpunk2077 reddit page. People shared tonnes of hilarious glitches and bugs. I'm enjoying the game tbh, really liking the story so far. I don't think they will fix the physics and AI issue.
  11. Did you try the manual hex edit for Ryzen processor? You can manually edit the game exe to enable SMT on x700/x800/x900 Ryzen processors Check this video description.
  12. Give us the real sustained clock speed under load. There're million variants of 1070 with different clock speed.
  13. Don't put words in my mouth, i'm just stating a simple fact that it's not a brand new engine. Not once i mentioned performance issue is not related to the game engine. In fact i blamed CDP for even releasing the game on those old gen consoles with poor DX12 feature support. They knew it will run horribly.
  14. Maybe your new thermal pads is thicker than the old one so you lose some pressure on the die hence higher junction temp. Also make sure you cover the whole die with thermal paste evenly, not pea/bean/coffee/x method.
  15. Nope, DLSS need Tensor Cores. GTX series lack those.
  16. Nah, it's like adding a big ass turbo to your combustion engine. You need to upgrade other stuff accordingly(manifold, fuel pump, yada yada) so that turbo will work as it should and it won't blow up your engine. You can't keep the turbo but remove the other stuff, it doesn't work that way. The game itself feels like Witcher 3, similar questing system, similar fast travel mechanic, that just show CDPR kept some part of the old Red3 engine. Heck, even summoning the vehicle feel like i'm summoning effing Roach. It's not a totally new engine like you claimed.
  17. New iteration? Like an improved version of previous engine? So you agree it's not a new engine then right? It's not backward compatible to DX11 because feature like RTX/DLSS/FidelityFX is DirectX12 only exclusive. Similar to why Witcher 3 doesn't support DirectX9/Directx10 because it use thing like tessellation which not available on DX9/DX10. It will be extremely stupid for CDPR to developed a completely new engine when they already have a good engine for open world RPG game which they can modify/tailor for Cyberpunk 2077. Oh you meant similar situation