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    MSI Z87 G45
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    G.SKILL Sniper 16GB 1866
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    GTX760 MSI TF 2GB
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    Fractal XL R2
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    2x 4TB, 1TB, 480GB Intel 730 SSD
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    850w Corsair HX
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    47" LG Tv
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    Noctua NH-D14
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  1. dmegatool

    Android Messages for web now available for everyone

    Yeah it's pretty basic. Like not usefull at all. Like I'm gonna sign-in on a website everytime... They'll improve it, that's just a start. Anybody looking for that functionality should have a look at Join. It's not super well know but it's like Pushbullet and the likes but without monthly subscription. It uses your own google drive to store stuff so that's how the one time payment is possible. There's so many options with that thing I can't even list them. It's crazy good...
  2. dmegatool

    Github about to be Miscrosofted?

    People talk like Github is git itself. It ain't. I personally use Gitlab... If microsoft stop improvements or make bad decisions, people will just move away from it. I don't see them fuck it up anytime soon, they got no interest in that.
  3. dmegatool

    Nvidia Shield TV Oreo update has started to roll out today

    Sweet. Now I want french Google Assistant support & french qwerty keyboard. Besides that, it's just a freaking sweet media box, I love mine.
  4. Hey ! I'm looking to replace my current backup software. I need differential backups and Cobian doesn't work for me. It's doing a full backup every night wich takes too long... Can't do incremental either as I need every files on multiple disk. The software will be running on a Windows server 2012. The total size is about 1.5TB and increase by maybe 500mb/1gb a week. Anyway, what do you guys are using ? Any suggestions ? I just need differential and the ability to run the backup as another user (impersonation). A nice bonus would be to backup from an FTP location (not TO) but I could keep Cobian around for that task.
  5. When I thought 60$ was already a lot for a game. I'll continue to buy my games on a 2-3 year buffer... on sale.
  6. That's why I suggested to just put it to a 3rd party. If you encrypt it before uploading, that would be enough... At least for me.
  7. A power user browser that still haven't implemented sync 2+ years later even if it's the most requested feature. Like I'm gonna manually sync my bookmark, history and extension between 3 computers and my phone xD. Not gonna happen. Still waiting before giving Vivaldi a full tryout as my main. They should just use a 3rd party infrastructure for now and implement their own thing later. Like sync to your own Google Drive, Dropbox or whatever. Not the best but enough to attract people and gain market share.
  8. dmegatool

    Ubuntu 17.04 released

    Ubuntu will ship with Gnome in 18.04. So this is still Unity...
  9. dmegatool

    Project Scorpio Supports FreeSync and HDMI 2.1 VRR

    Cause G-Sync is better ! Seriously, I'm an Nvidia user and I wanted Freesync to be supported since it was announced. But as soon as they announce that they support both G and free, G-Sync is over. Manfacturer won't put the extra chip in the monitors just for fun...
  10. The easy fix would be override the text color in the css with !important... That would remove all user formatted colors in the post though.
  11. dmegatool

    Microsoft hearts Linux... <sarcasm>

    Calm down there and try it for yourself. I just gave Elementary OS a spin this week. I thought to myself "After all theses years, I'm sure Linux is better and you don't have to fuck around in the terminal". Within 10 minutes of using it, I had to dig into command lines. My bluetooth headphones had a 1 second delay making watching video impossible. After re-pairing them, they only worked with the shitty "phone profile". The trackpad of my macbook was working like shit. Had to install a 3rd party driver to ignore resting thumbs and support multitouch clicks... Again, took forever in the command line installing manually multiple dependencies. Scrolling ain't smooth as OSX. Hell it's ain't as smooth as Windows. I seriously want to love Linux. I use it everyday at work on all my servers. But that's all it's good for. Command line. Compatibilty and usuability is not there yet (after all theses years, seriously !?). I'll try it again in 5 years...
  12. More like compatibility in businesses and did you ever tried to memorize an IPv6 address ? Ex: 5800:10C3:E3C3:F1AA:48E3:D923:D494:AAFF... really ?
  13. dmegatool

    More VPN Crackdown in China

    Can they use services like LiquidSky ? ...which let you control a remote PC (It's for game streaming, like onLive or GeForce Now) . It's not technically a VPN. What a country to live in...
  14. dmegatool

    Gimp 2.10 changelog revealed, here's what to expect

    Pixelmator is a really nice alternative on the Mac. Way more polished than Gimp... it's 30$ which is cheap when you compare. But it's nice to see a crossplatform alternative keep moving foward.