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    dmegatool got a reaction from Cheezdoodlez in Github about to be Miscrosofted?   
    People talk like Github is git itself. It ain't. I personally use Gitlab... If microsoft stop improvements or make bad decisions, people will just move away from it. I don't see them fuck it up anytime soon, they got no interest in that. 
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    dmegatool reacted to sazrocks in Potentially 15 year old macOS root access bug... yes, another one   
    What a responsible way to report such a bug!
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    dmegatool reacted to aselwyn1 in Bye bye Razer Comms, the VOIP nobody uses...   
    RIP old wan show sponsor 
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    dmegatool got a reaction from matrix07012 in *Update* Verizon Wireless to stop handing out Static IPv4, Will now provide IPv6   
    More like compatibility in businesses and did you ever tried to memorize an IPv6 address ? 
    Ex: 5800:10C3:E3C3:F1AA:48E3:D923:D494:AAFF... really ? 
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    dmegatool got a reaction from 8uhbbhu8 in *Update* Verizon Wireless to stop handing out Static IPv4, Will now provide IPv6   
    More like compatibility in businesses and did you ever tried to memorize an IPv6 address ? 
    Ex: 5800:10C3:E3C3:F1AA:48E3:D923:D494:AAFF... really ? 
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    dmegatool got a reaction from Windspeed36 in *Update* Verizon Wireless to stop handing out Static IPv4, Will now provide IPv6   
    More like compatibility in businesses and did you ever tried to memorize an IPv6 address ? 
    Ex: 5800:10C3:E3C3:F1AA:48E3:D923:D494:AAFF... really ? 
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    dmegatool got a reaction from yuh25 in Microsoft hearts Linux... <sarcasm>   
    Calm down there and try it for yourself. I just gave Elementary OS a spin this week. I thought to myself "After all theses years, I'm sure Linux is better and you don't have to fuck around in the terminal". Within 10 minutes of using it, I had to dig into command lines. My bluetooth headphones had a 1 second delay making watching video impossible. After re-pairing them, they only worked with the shitty "phone profile". The trackpad of my macbook was working like shit. Had to install a 3rd party driver to ignore resting thumbs and support multitouch clicks... Again, took forever in the command line installing manually multiple dependencies. Scrolling ain't smooth as OSX. Hell it's ain't as smooth as Windows.
    I seriously want to love Linux. I use it everyday at work on all my servers. But that's all it's good for. Command line. Compatibilty and usuability is not there yet (after all theses years, seriously !?). 
    I'll try it again in 5 years... 
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    dmegatool reacted to tsk in SIM cards are still too big. Infineon annonces a 1.5mm SIM card.   
    This new SIM will not be user changeable, it will be a small chip soldered in the device. You can now change carriers with a phone call or activation through a carrier web service. 
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    dmegatool reacted to KuJoe in Piracy websites blocked by Cogent, one of the largest internet backbones.   
    Source: https://torrentfreak.com/internet-backbone-provider-cogent-blocks-pirate-bay-and-other-pirate-sites-170209/
    I find it interesting that this has not been talked about that much, Cogent is basically a Tier 1 backbone to the internet with one of the largest IPv6 presences in the world right now. This means that even if your ISP doesn't block torrent sites, you still might not be able to reach them if your ISP peers with or uses Cogent as a primary upstream provider. I find it strange that only Cogent is doing this which makes me think it's not a court ordered block but it does make a lot of sense from a business standpoint if you are familiar with Cogent from a commercial perspective (TL;DR: Cogent is one of the cheapest bandwidth options for public and private data centers, their networks are regularly congested and are known for their packet loss and slow speeds during both peak and off-peak hours). Cogent is known for making crazy decisions though so this doesn't surprise me at all if this change was company policy, I just find it odd that a major element of the internet as we know it made this change without the internet freaking out.
    Also to put this into context, Cogent is one of 17 internet backbones globally. That means that the whole internet operates on those 17 upstream providers (Tier 2 and lower rent some portion of bandwidth from those 17 providers) and 1 of them just blocked a bunch of websites, imagine if the other 16 started blocking traffic eliminating whole continents from accessing them. To put the size of Cogent's internet reach into perspective, Cogent has over 56,000 miles of fiber globally while Sprint (another one of the 17 Tier 1s) only has about 26,000 miles. As I said before Cogent is huge in the IPv6 world (rivaled only by Hurricane Electric in terms of connectivity), if your ISP offers IPv6 there's a good chance you've been routed through Cogent so imagine when one day we make the switch to IPv6 and your favorite streaming sites are now blocked. Another thing to mention is that VPN providers LOVE Cogent because of their cheap bandwidth, so choose your VPN provider wisely.
    Now with all of that being said, there are still a few much bigger internet backbones out there and out of the 17 there are 8 not based in the US so I doubt there is much cause for concern yet... I just find it fascinating this change was made without many waves being made on the internet (that I could find).
    EDIT: One thing to note is that this is just IP blockes which is both good and bad, it's easy enough to bypass by it also means other sites can be blocked also if a website changes their DNS settings and the old IP is assigned to a new website before the block is removed. TPB uses CloudFlare so that IP can just as easily be used for thousands of other websites if TPB gets their IP swapped out and CloudFlare put that IP into the "shared" pool of IPs.
    EDIT2: I know I get wordy when it comes to posting because I like to be detailed and thorough so it's apparent that my lengthy post either has too much information or is being misread/ignored by some people. Here's a simple TL:DR:
    The reason I am posting this isn't because websites are being blocked, that's not a huge deal in 2017, the bigger issue is that they were blocked quietly by a Tier 1 internet backbone provider and nobody seems to have noticed.
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    dmegatool got a reaction from Fgtfv567 in More VPN Crackdown in China   
    Can they use services like LiquidSky ? ...which let you control a remote PC (It's for game streaming, like onLive or GeForce Now) . It's not technically a VPN. What a country to live in... 
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    dmegatool got a reaction from Valentyn in Gimp 2.10 changelog revealed, here's what to expect   
    Pixelmator is a really nice alternative on the Mac. Way more polished than Gimp... it's 30$ which is cheap when you compare. But it's nice to see a crossplatform alternative keep moving foward.
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    dmegatool reacted to Sauron in This was Project Ara   
    The idea is nice but there probably isn't a market for this. Personally I think expandable storage and a replaceable battery are enough modularity for me. I don't do much intensive work on my phone...
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    dmegatool reacted to AresKrieger in Valve to bring full DualShock 4 support to Big Picture Mode, including customization   
    Eh I still use a 360 controller, after going from PS2 to Xbox 360 the biggest change was the controller as the dualshock controller feels horrible to me by comparison after using the 360 controller unless the game functions better with Dpad input
    But more options is more options
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    dmegatool reacted to suicidalfranco in Valve to bring full DualShock 4 support to Big Picture Mode, including customization   
    FPS? Controller?
    ahahahahah lel
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH the joke doesn't stop
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    dmegatool reacted to 79wjd in Mac Pro Desktop officially hasn't been updated in over 1000 days   
    Not to mention FCP is much faster than Premiere/After Effects (even on much weaker hardware), so if FCP has all the features you need, even FCP on outdated hardware is better than Premiere/After Effects on top end hardware. 
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    dmegatool reacted to TidaLWaveZ in The situation at Tek syndicate   
  17. Funny
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    dmegatool reacted to Tech_Dreamer in The Nosulus Rift   
    Great Now VR pr0n is going to be so much more.. interesting..

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    dmegatool reacted to LAwLz in GTX 1060 first official benchmarks leaked – A win for Team Green?   
    Wow you sound very salty.
    1) You sneakily lowered the MSRP of the 480. It should be 239 not 229.
    2) Even your own numbers shows the (non-FE) 1060 beating the RX 480 in price:performance.
    3) Everything right now points towards AIB launching custom versions of the card on day one.
    If the numbers are accurate, and if the current leaked prices for the 1060 are accurate, then AMD is in trouble. That's quite a few "if"s though. In less than a week we should know for sure.
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    dmegatool reacted to ShadowCaptain in Nintendo announces Nintendo Classic Mini: NES, a mini NES with 30 games compatible with modern set ups $59.99 MSRP   
    Sad it doenst read cartridges, ill keep my ACTUAL NES  (or ill keep using my emulator)
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    dmegatool reacted to manikyath in Livestream: Tackling the Pain of Video Storage   
    so... i'm not sure how the whole industry affiliate thing fits into the picture, but i'm pretty sure tech news and reviews has guidelines.
    EDIT: if a mod/admin rolls by, please quote me with how this applies, because this feels very grey zone tbh  it feels like i'm looking at an advert, rather than a tech news topic...
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    dmegatool got a reaction from Castdeath97 in TESV: Skyrim Remaster Coming This Year   
    It's cool for people on consoles. But on PC, it doesn't seems to bring much to the table. There's already so many mods... Wonder what it will do that haven't been done yet. 
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    dmegatool reacted to Lays in GTX 1080M Specs revealed! What a shame.....   
    Does anything please anyone anymore? Good grief
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    dmegatool reacted to Dogeystyle in Phil Spencer: We could have released Xbox codename Scorpio, but we want to make it better.   
    What are the chances of anyone who doesn't have the budget to build a PC capable of 4k, suddenly have the need for a 4k monitor? Seriously? If you have a 4k monitor, why would you be considering a console as the gaming device of your choice? 
    WTF is going on?
    I wish console makers would stop chasing this 4k flamingo and focus on the bread and butter of gaming and has been for a while, 1080p60 with all the eye candy. They'd make a lot of sales with that. The new AMD GPU is capable of that, plus your game files wouldn't have the need for terabytes of storage for like 10 games. Why the sudden jump from 1080 to 4k? Are they forgetting Quad HD, which practically is the highest resolution you want to go? I had a friend over who's never seen a gaming PC in his whole life, and when he saw GTA running at 2560x1440 at 60fps it was like he was a colourblind person seeing a rainbow for the first time, he's now asking for my help in building his very own PC. That eye-opening experience could be had at 1080p60 with eye candy, not at gimped 4k30 with blocky ass textures and stuttering...
  25. Informative
    dmegatool reacted to RagnarokDel in Hydro-Québec planning to attract Data Centers in province   
    The Data Center sector reaches 15 billion a year in investments. Québec produces a surplus of clean and renewable electricity. Hydro-Québec produces some of the cheapest electricity in the world at less than $0.05/kw with significant surplus with capacity to improve the production using hydro-plants. Québec also has plenty of space for large buildings as well as a cold climate in the winter which reduces the cost of cooling.
    More jobs wouldnt hurt either.
    in french, sorry it hasnt been picked up by any english publication yet.