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    Robotics, Programming, Physics, Chemistry, Aerospace, Engineering, Architecture, And of course: Computers!

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    Job: Mechanical Engineer.

    I take the time to volunteer as a Search and Rescue Officer for my local sheriff's department .

    I have a wide range of hobbies that varies from programming and debugging, to hiking, backpacking, camping. I'm also on the air as I am an Ameature Radio opperator. If you want to QSL, feel free to send me a PM on the forum and we can chat over Echolink or Radio if conditions permit.


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  1. For some reason no dump files were included. Without these, it is virtually impossible to determine what driver is potentially causing the creash. Can you follow my instructions in part B? I do not need the perfmon output necessarily at this moment, but I do need dump files. EDIT: I would also uninstall Valorant from Riot Games for the time being: https://www.kitguru.net/gaming/matthew-wilson/riot-dev-explains-valorants-anti-cheat-kernel-driver-and-why-it-activates-when-you-boot-your-pc/ See: I have no dump files to prove this yet, but I suspect this i
  2. I’ll look at the dump files later today. I will post my findings within 24 hours.
  3. Bought two Nintendo 64s off eBay. Both work. One is in good condition and the other is in excellent condition. Bought them as a lot together I’ll be RGB modding them. Potentially ultra HDMI too. But I still need to acquire a few more games and more controllers, and expansion packs for each console. They’ll also get a nice deep clean with contact cleaner, isopropanol, and plenty of air to get all the dust out. I have a VGA CRT monitor too, just need to buy a scaler or sync converter to play these on my CRT.
  4. Hands down the 11” iPad Pro (2nd Gen -2020) is the best tablet I have ever owned. The high refresh rate screen makes input lag almost non-existent and the stylus is nice to use for note taking. Side note: the Shapr3D app is pretty amazing.
  5. That is a much better option and should work perfectly. Make sure you have the Windows drivers pre-installed from either Lenovo or Sierra wireless website before installing.
  6. While it will work, I can't recommend it. I think that card is limited to HSPA. The EM7565 is LTE cat-12. I personally use a prepaid T-Mobile sim while traveling and love it. I can typically pull 100+mbps download with it.
  7. If you want to add a LTE modem you can buy a Sierra Wireless M.2 card off eBay for $150 ish. I actually bought two for a little project of mine. They work amazing assuming your laptop doesn’t have a BIOS whitelist for them.
  8. Have a few titles through Vudu. Best solution for everyone worrying regarding their movies is to link your accounts with MoviesAnywhere. It allows cross-platform purchases to be watched on other platforms.* *Its not perfect, but redeeming through Apple TV tends to get you the UHD version even if its "HDX". There are other caveats as well, not all studios are on board with cross-platform licensing, such as Paramount Studios...
  9. Got a smart thermostat for my 240V baseboard heaters in my living room. Supports HomeKit, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings. Overall I’m very pleased. My old thermostat was a knob with a bi-metal strip and a spring. It would constantly run at full power if the wall was cold, but the air was at the right temp. No more waking up to really warm rooms and high monthly power bills! The app is pretty well structured and supports geo-fencing, so the heaters automatically are set to “away” and override schedules to help save energy as well. Installation was fairly sim
  10. I’ve been thinking about it. Thoughts on sub? I’ve been thinking about either staying with Klipsch or going SVS on the sub. Once I have speaker stands next month I’ll post an update. They’re currently sitting on the floor next to the tv console. They physically won’t fit on my tv console. Adding the speaker stands will give me some flexibility in positioning and will allow them to sit near ear level when on the couch. it will hopefully open up the sound stage a bit allowing me to get by without a center speaker for a while longer. Side note: any thoughts on foam speaker i
  11. Got some Klipsch RP-600M And a Denon AVR-X1600H recently for the living room. Still need to buy speaker stands. I set them up over the weekend and everything sounds really nice. It pairs well with my LG Oled E8 55”. These are my first decent speaker/sound setup. Next us is to probably either get a subwoofer or a center speaker and a Blu-ray player ( or inversely get a UHD friendly drive for my HTPC.)
  12. @Matchstckgmr I have been working on mobile while traveling, and am replying to this on my cell. At first glance it seems the BSOD is being caused by “wdf01000.sys”. This is a windows system/kernel related error. this leads me to suspect a corrupt or damaged windows install. I would suggest running the following two items first: SFC /Scannow: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2895-run-sfc-command-windows-10-a.html Followed by a a DISM repair: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/7808-use-dism-repair-windows-10-image.html Please po
  13. Thank you for tagging me and grabbing my attention. I’ll take a look at this within 24 hours. If the mini dump files show anything out of the ordinary I will let you know.
  14. Got myself a new TV antenna. It’s the ChannelMaster Stealthtenna 50. Didn’t previously have an antenna in my new place so I’ll finally be able to watch OTA HD tv. The antenna is a Yagi-Uda with two active elements and 4 passive reflectors. I’m still waiting for my quad shield coax and Belden compression F connectors to show up. If the antenna works well I’m thinking of picking up a HDHomerun or a pcie tuner for Plex. Since my apartment complex doesn’t allow antennas I’m going to mount it stealthily inside the apartment. Interested to see what happens on the gain. I’ll als
  15. Got a 10 gallon fish tank in early december. Got its Nitrogen cycle started with media and some water from my other tank. Recently started planting it and added some fish and shrimp in there. Added Lava Rock and a decoration. There is a Marimo moss ball hiding behind the lava rock on the right hand side to give the shrimp a hiding/eating place. There is currently 7 fish in there plus 3 shrimp (there were 4 but one died by getting caught in the filter ?). I will be getting some smaller plants in a month or so and planting them during the next water change.