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  1. Herd mentality is dangerous its what got me to transition despite never having gender dysphoria
  2. Last time I posted it was back in 2016 now Im starting to bald and i have a big beard. I so feel my age
  3. Boy detransitioning was not fun 0/10 would not recommend Anyways I'm happy just being a bisexual male, although at my age biology is kicking in and I want a family of my own. Edit: should probably update my profile as I'm no longer a transwomen
  4. Yes squaresoft and Enix did a merger back in 2003 and became square enix. I remember this many were worried about what would happen to their favorite squaresoft franchises like final fantasy.
  5. not in my state, but I really want to go back to work and do what I do best freight, its exhausting work but I made damn good money doing it in a large retail chain, getting 600 every two weeks was nice great suggestion! I will look into it !
  6. I've not worked for almost a year, do to having chronic migraines And with only minimal assistance from the county its been hard. But now things are even harder, and I'm having to rely on community help, I really don't like it, I'm a working man after all, but having a brain injury and other health issues just makes work Hard. Ive thought about going back to work at my local super market but I lost my state ID and now the dmvs are all closed, so I'm stuck unemployed for who knows how long
  7. my state just issued a stay at home, my sisters partner is immunocomprimised and she had one of her best freinds end up in the hospital with the virus. my best freind had to quarentine because a co-worker caught the virus. and Im having to quarentine as well as I could have been exposed. I'm not here to discuass the situation just to voice what happening in my life, the virus feels very real and scary now
  8. it was a form of survival for me. anyways on postive notes its a way for me to be creative I love crpgs and 4x games (like age of wonders) so I can be creative and escape by roleplaying my charecters.
  9. far enough your right, it probably does and I had my mom test my blood suger a couple of times, she ALWAYS worried about me getting diabetes, although as an adult I very rarely eat any suger now so that worry is no longer an issue, and yeah I hated it. and diabeties effects your nerves so that makes it even worse. I was just being kind of a jerk I apologize
  10. pshh I give myself injections in my leg muscle once a week, its not that hard. as for blood testing its often a life or death situation if you have diabeties basically you get used to it.
  11. hmm well the internets an interesting place then right ? Ive met people who have literal feelings for animals, its all cool. you do you
  12. ah don't worry I understand your trying to keep a private situation private no worries and yes it was intentional
  13. Hey I think I know what your asking so allow me to explain. Remember consent is key, unless your is Okey with you going out with another persion, that maybe an issue, but more importantly communication is key, gotta make sure your both on the the right lane so to speak. Does that help
  14. Hey!, I'm glad people have started posting again! Anyways hi I'm a 31 year old transwomen, I started transitioning in 2018, and my best advice is to just do what feels natural, you not going to figure out your sexulity or gender identity in one day, I didn't it took me almost 30 years lol.