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    AMD 3700X
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    ASRock X370 Taichi
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    2x8GB G.SKILL TridentZ CL14 3200mhz
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    ASUS ROG Vega 56
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    NZXT Green H440
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  1. This would be hard for me since I see Lighting as a better designed (durable) connector than type C. It still drives me nuts that apple uses USB 2.0 on everything but iPads with Lightning.
  2. But does is still have the functions that normal cab on frame trucks have? Can I put a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch in it? Can I remove the bed and replace it with a flat bed? Are there other cab size options? I don't need the extra length of a crew cab, double cab with a long bed it what I like. Obviously it isn't final. It doesn't have mirrors and a third brake light which are required in the US.
  3. I've found it is useful for some one-handed situations. It won't be my default mode of typing but it is a good option every once in a while.
  4. The new bios for the x370 Taichi now includes this warning due to them running out of space on the bios chip. It is not clear if the AMD Boot kit that contains the Athlon 200GE will still work as it is a Raven Ridge CPU which is not recommended by ASRock. If someone needed to update an ASRock X370 board for a Matisse processor they should update to 5.60 swap in the new chip and then update to 5.80 (This is my recommendation not ASRock's).
  5. To add on, the AM4 mounting dimensions are 54x90mm. The 90mm part makes it difficult to fit SMDs above and below the socket. With the Intel mounting (75x75mm) they can place the VRMs between the socket and the top edge of the board.
  6. Did it have a sticker on the box saying it was Ryzen 3000 ready? I got a 3700x and my spouse got a X470 master sli/ac and ram for my old 1600x. Her motherboard had a sticker on the box saying it was ready for Ryzen 3000. Haven’t built it yet and checked what bios it has loaded on it
  7. That is plausible from what I've seen on my X370 Taichi. First testing the CPU it would idle around or above 4Ghz. I installed the new X370 chipset drivers from AMD which provide the windows power plans. With the Ryzen balanced power plan it idles closer to 3-3.5 Ghz, with Ryzen power saver it idles 3.5-4 Ghz.
  8. I ended up in the same situation with my 3700x. Discovered that I had already used the last of my NT-H1 last year and ended up using some arctic silver that I got in 2014. Temps don't seem too bad (40-45 idle Tctl, 24 ambient), they are a bit higher than my 1600x that I had before ( stock TDP decrease but core increase). I also swapped the CPUs without moving my tower since I'm pretty busy with stressful stuff currently. It was pretty awkward to get my water block back on since I was at a weird angle and I made my soft tubing paths almost as short as possible. I will probably get more NT-H1 and remount to see if temps improve when I can.
  9. This is a great deal for college students who don’t have time to play during the semester. Pay for the subscription during the summer and get caught up on the games that are available, cancel before the fall semester starts.
  10. It might be a small Navi vs big Navi difference or it can be a custom design for consoles
  11. They didn’t specify the resolution for 120 Hz. Could just be 1080p 120
  12. I wonder if that power slot is 12v on the pins. I could see a company making adapters that break out that slot into standard power connectors for newer GPUs in the future.
  13. The base config mac pro has always made the least amount of sense as is. The pricing for the high core count version is where it could get interesting (or just alright), or just get the cheapest version and put in a Xeon w-3175x yourself. I can't wait for all the youtube videos bashing the base model by comparing it to 8 core ryzen chips or 9900Ks. Not the most accurate comparison but still valid even without more than dual channel memory, ECC memory and fewer PCIe lanes.
  14. Vizio lets you disable their content detection software and you can treat it as a dumb tv. I have a E43-f1
  15. Ran my 1600X stock with 3200 cl14