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    AMD 3700X
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    ASRock X370 Taichi
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    2x8GB G.SKILL TridentZ CL14 3200mhz (OC CL15 3600)
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    ASUS ROG Vega 56
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    NZXT Green H440
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    EVGA 650GQ
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    Logitech G502
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    BD Custom One Pros
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    Windows 10

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  1. I approve of this standpoint. The problem for me wasn't miners using graphics cards to mine, it is miners having special access to the supply chain that allows them to buy a pallet of matching GPU for mining. If someone obtains a GPU through retailers as a normal customer I don't care how they use the product.
  2. They can, the X370 Taichi had one of the best VRM solutions of the X370 boards. It also already supports all 3000 series CPUs. The main problem is the bios chip doesn't have enough capacity to support every AM4 CPU. With the 3000 series they dropped support for many CPUs on the new bios.
  3. So they are refusing to update some equipment to VDSL2? Some ISPs use fiber to the node and then VDSL2 to the home. My ISP in the mountains uses ADSL2+ for the basic tier packages and VDSL2 for the plans that exceed the capabilities of ADSL2+. They even recently stopped giving out modems that don't support VDSL2. edit- I didn't fully notice they didn't even reach the limit of ADSL2+
  4. I am still using a i5 2500U 17" Gateway laptop. It has a drive with Ubuntu in it currently, sometimes Linux is good to use for certain tasks.
  5. It makes sense for the type of games that are only played through once, such as single player story games. When it was first launched I used it during summer when I had time to play games and completed 6 games. A monthly subscription for games is a great deal for college students that don't have time to play during the semester but can play during breaks.
  6. Apple: https://www.apple.com/iphone-se/ Apple listed the iPhone SE "2" on their website early April 15th. The device has the same body as the iPhone 8 with the 4.7" screen. Yes, there is no plus option available. The device uses the same A13 Bionic SOC as the iPhone 11. The camera sensor is a 12MP sensor which is likely the same as the main camera on the iPhone 11. The iPhone SE does not have a second ultrawide camera sensor like the iPhone 11 does. It does keep the computational portrait mode features that uses the power of the A13 Bionic. Human subjects only; only iPhones w
  7. When using it for my college classes I always join without making an account. I'm glad that my college does pay for the higher tier where everything "should" be encrypted.
  8. Leave it on "Any Disease". There is no option for it yet, it is currently prioritized by F@H.
  9. In the advanced view you can go into configure and manually set how many CPU threads the CPU slot uses. I currently leave two threads free for my OS.
  10. The description for the GPU WU I got was strange. Not sure if it is a typo or they are porting CPU Tasks to GPU.
  11. I finally got WU for both CPU & GPU. I had 12 out of 16 threads set for folding but after looking at CPU usage I might be able to change it to 14 threads for folding.
  12. If you have a decent CPU it is worth it. It is advised to adjust the number of threads manually so keep some free for the OS and to manage the GPU
  13. The design language of it makes me think of the old reference designs up to the 290X. I’m not a fan of red but it just feels right for them to go back to that design language.
  14. This would be hard for me since I see Lighting as a better designed (durable) connector than type C. It still drives me nuts that apple uses USB 2.0 on everything but iPads with Lightning.
  15. But does is still have the functions that normal cab on frame trucks have? Can I put a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch in it? Can I remove the bed and replace it with a flat bed? Are there other cab size options? I don't need the extra length of a crew cab, double cab with a long bed it what I like. Obviously it isn't final. It doesn't have mirrors and a third brake light which are required in the US.