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  1. If you want to know how a CPU'S works ben-eater has a video about making his own [8BIT CPU] It should give you a general idea of how CPUs work. You could even look up books like "the indispensable pc hardware book" that book has a lot of information regarding CPU's as well.
  2. Frankenstein watercooling build challenge: The idea is that "Linus" does a build battle in making a Fully watercooled PC [With a twist to it, like masterchef Mystery box]. They are only allowed to use AIO parts from "broken/recycled AIO coolers" for most of the needed parts that a normal loop has. The one who can build the best performing PC wins. [each gets identical hardware, but is free to choose the AIO to {butcher/recycle}] ----------------------------- The only NON-AIO parts they are allowed to use -cooling liquid -fittings [
  3. If you mean a AIO like the ASUS ROG strix LC RX6800xt https://rog.asus.com/graphics-cards/graphics-cards/rog-strix/rog-strix-lc-rx6800xt-o16g-gaming-model/ it works like a charm in my Thermaltake core X71 [360mm AIO for the cpu in the top.] and the 240mm GPU-AIO in the front [both 5.25" bays occupied] https://www.thermaltake.com/core-x71-tempered-glass-edition.html -------------- CPU runs at 35-45C max during normal usage GPU runs at 30-40C max during normal usage during gaming: CPU is at most around 50-60C. [few 70C spikes here and there]
  4. Those look to be the "included" thermal pads of that specific cooler. you could use good quality thermal tape bought from a reputable brand. Cheapo tape from aliexpress would also work, but gives less performance, as the quality might be lower
  5. if you still have space in the front of the case add another fan. this should give just that bit of extra cooling you need to cool the CPU. otherwise playing with voltages might be a good option. {downclocking the GPU} so it uses less power, and produces less heat.
  6. Where did you buy this thermal compound? as for damage this shouldn't have much effect other than you getting higher temperatures on the CPU/GPU ------------- the LTT DIY thermalpaste video is a good example of this: or the BULK thermalpaste video:
  7. This is a DC only fan if plugged in normally it will run at full speed. meaning you need to have a fan controller that works like a light dimmer. the PSU has a build in dimmer that lowers the voltage so it runs quieter. but to reuse it you need to connect something like a potentiometer between the cables.
  8. The only thing i can think of that one would use those USB ports for would be a USB powered BBQ/grill: ------------- I cant really speak for others as my motherboard has a lot of USB ports itself I myself have the ASUS Crosshair VIII formulla, which over 11 USB 3.0 type A ports. [excluding the front panel ones] with front panel i have over 17 USB 3.0 type A ports of which 2 USB 2.0 and i have another 2 USB 3.0 type C ports. its not that i have to use it all, but its nice to have. as you will never have the issue of accidentally plugging in a USB 3.0
  9. That Epic itx-m37 should be a ECX or "epic" formfactor, which is often used for embedded systems. ECX: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embedded_Compact_Extended EPIC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPIC_(form_factor) most CPU's on such boards don't need a CPU cooler, or use a proprietary cooler specific to that board. since they are very low power, a large portion of boards, do not need a cooler, Not forgetting often they have a PCI104 connector that is used to directly control something like a CNC. from within a Custom system
  10. you didn't have to cut those massive holes for the Fans.
  11. Try getting 2 coolermaster Notepal U3. then place the fans of 1 stand/pad onto the other, now you have 1 amazing laptop cooler that works great. [this is what i do with my laptop]
  12. It should pose no issue granted you take the Glass panel of the PC case before cleaning it
  13. Do you have any pictures of how the marks look?
  14. Nice you even have the 7" display. which is very rare to find. if you had the 5.25" PSU it would have been complete/perfect. for a true Dual system setup. or you could use a Pico-psu.
  15. That depends on what you're looking for in a case: Best dual system case: Thermaltake Mozart TX