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  1. I'm Confused

    It is on the ruler in the first post, only public utilities label their equipment like that, didn't you see it and now that we helped him he better help us when we need it.
  2. @Zic05, a problem would arise depending on the coolant used because acrylic can discolor with some coolant variations.
  3. I'm Confused

    SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT RECRUIT how could a pencil pusher not know this.....or right RECRUIT . Now make sure that you get the names of the ones that helped you so that if you arrest them or they get a ticket you can be lenient or get rid of said ticket. Yeah @SolidRedIron, it is the size of the platters inside the disk that makes it a 3.5" disk. now you can rest easy and get all the bad man's data off it....let us know the juicy stuff.....we won't tell.
  4. Problem in loop?

    No, get primochill sysprep, clean your radiator and pump now, then drain then flush then drain again then add GPU and new CPU block and then add pastel. The new CPU and GPU blocks will be very clean., it is the radiator and pump you have now that will be dirty and will need cleaning. Now you can also wait until you get your CPU and GPU blocks then make your loop then add primochill sysprep then drain and then add pastel but the wait time is too long IMO, if you clean your pump and radiator now you will be ready to just drain and flush then add pastel when the CPU and GPu blocks come.
  5. Problem in loop?

    Primochill's sysprep is not a coolant it is a cleaner for the pump, radiator and blocks, you run it like a coolant for a week or so and then drain, washout with distilled water and then fill with your coolant.
  6. Problem in loop?

    Yeah, taking it apart can cuase the thread holes to become worse than it is, it may worsen the fracture/crack. To clean the loop you should get Primochill's sysprep and follow the instructions. Now if you do not have a CPU block then you can just make a loop without it and clean the radiator and pump while you wait on your new block. Also, make sure not to get any aluminium block unless you already have an aluminum radiator. I hope you have a PSU jumper around, it is like $5 get one for future use, now if you are comfortable with manually jumping the PSU then that is fine too..
  7. Understood, these frigging companies, now you can get a good Z77 board for less that $300 and that is used.
  8. Problem in loop?

    @nfs2192, that particular Barrow block has uneven screws, sure the seller didn't tell you that, and you have fractured/cracked the end of the thread, it may not leak but it will be ruined if you unscrew it because you won't get a screw to catch the threads again. Get a new block before you remove this one and check for leaks periodically. Also, looks like air is trapped in the bottom left of the block, that happens sometimes.
  9. There isn't much of a difference between 1333 and 1600mhz but you will see a difference in RAM latency and cache on a RAM bencher however there is a difference in normal use like program launch time between 1333 and 2133mhz but only if that 2133mhz RAM has lower timings but i don't think it would benefit you on a h77 board. Also why would you have a K SKU CPU and a non OC board, you are missing out on a performance bump. Always try to keep to dual channel if the board is a dual channel one.
  10. booting up windows 10 problemb

    Are you sure you made the USB stick bootable and is the hard disk in your system empty?
  11. Nice find. You can block this if you flag https://coin-hive for your network
  12. Google results in Japanese WTF

    Alright well talk with whom ever and get on it. Hope you succeed.
  13. Google results in Japanese WTF

    I know what you mean about updating stuff, it sucks. Didn't you setup two factor authentication for your Business, if not do so when you get through.
  14. Google results in Japanese WTF

    Why this happened it a bit of a weird thing because Google normally checks the names before listing, this could be a mistake on Google's part so make sure to keep calm and check with them if some error was made on their part. Recently a program called CCleaner got hack on the server side and it is stated that it is bigger than just CCleaner, among the other companies that got hit was Google an MSI, just this week google erased some data because some of my settings got reset to a previous date, maybe this is causing your problem, you never really know. I hope you get what i am saying,, let them resolve or try to resolve the problem before you go through the hassle of renaming your company.
  15. Google results in Japanese WTF

    Have you ever looked for Google My Business?....that is where you should go and not regular support. The newer thing would be regarding website traffic and search engine searches, the more searches the more popular your listing will become, another thing, adding say like a LLC or &Sons to your name will then change the search results in a search engine but wait until you get in contact with Google.