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    See you guys in there.
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  1. Ram Upgrade Help!

    I am going to assume you have only one stick of RAM that is 8GB........If you put a second 8GB stick in to the system the BIOS will try to make the 9.11.11 run with the same frequancey and timings of the 10.12.etc because the the 10.12.etc is of a higher latency and this is if it even boots at all, you may get a RAM issue and if you have a MOBO with a Q-LED or Q-Code you will be notified about it, if you do not have such a MOBO it will just look as if it froze.
  2. RAM Problem after undervolting

    Scroll to 1.2.4
  3. RAM Problem after undervolting

    That is nice but your manualy sasy to use slots 2 & 4 for two sticks. This is how it is with ASUS boards, it offers best compatibility and OCing performance. Take a look.........http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1150/MAXIMUS-VII-RANGER/E9798_maximus_vii_ranger_ug_v2_WEB.pdf?_ga=2.221367000.1905317462.1511030728-1641370032.1511030728
  4. RAM Problem after undervolting

    So you have the RAM currently in slots 1 & 3?
  5. RAM Problem after undervolting

    Okay. you have to know that undervolting is like setting up your own XMP profile which is OCing the memory, that that is a thing that is best left to experts or for when you have the obscene amount of time it takes to get it stable. The timings and frequency would be the thing you would adjust if you are doing a very low undervolt.
  6. RAM Problem after undervolting

    Right. I normally mostly use ASUS boards.
  7. RAM Problem after undervolting

    It is normally in slots 2 and 4 first then slots 1 and 3 if you populate the whole four slots. @Remon Salazar Have you tried to clear your CMOS without the RAM installed?
  8. Can you prevent ransomeware

    Yes they can. Ransomware does not care about how your files are stored but they probably will decrypt the Bitlocker encrypted files first then encrypt your files. Preventing Ransomware is very hard especially if your whole life is synced online but you can help yourself to recover from such an attack if you have proper backups offline and in a different place.

    I am sorry i couldn't give you a like and an agree for your post, they only allow one but i agree too! The Philippines is grow rapidly with technology acceptance so be somewhat assured that things will change.
  10. Where do i begin ?

    @Chris James Like the rest above, yes get and do the ComTIA but do the whole range from A+ to Net+, the practical and essential. You can also look for CBT Nuggets CISCO .iso for CCNA and Lynda.com for a whole range of tutorials but yes those are paid but it will pay off if you when you have your exams. Video Professor is not bad either but it can be dated. One thing you will/should also do is learn to type and your keyboard and by keyboard i mean the OS short cuts.
  11. My attempt at a gaming pc

    Do you have proof that the board in question does not have working protections? When have i ever stated that the temperature would not affect the caps?....i said that the MOBO will shut down and post into BIOS for the user to make adjustments to changes that were made. You and dave_k are harping that the VRM temperatures will make the caps blow and i am saying that the MOBO will shut down before that happens in the event of a BSOD. The LX range of boards on Sandy bridge were also thought to not have enough cooling and somehow they still work without blown caps while OCed. I am saying ASUS boards has always shown a track record of being able to handle what they specify and if they say you can run CPU X/Y on it then i have no reason to doubt them. I can't say the same for any other manufacture. If you and dave_k and even the whole of LTT decides that the MOBO i chose can be though over as a choice or that they would not recommend it that is fine i made that clear.
  12. My attempt at a gaming pc

    Gawd....that took long, i thought you had all this "knowledge" on tap....*low blow*..........anyway this is not what i asked, i asked if you can show me an ASUS MOBO that will run past what the manufacture had deemed to be "allowed". It is public knowledge that VRMs, even though specified to run at a specified temperature can and will run past it if need be(whatever the reason) but once the MOBO does not go close to the redline temperature it will run and run fine, yes you may get discoloration on the back end of the PCB where the MOBO is but is will run fine and MOBO PCBs have come along way since the blue ones. If you check all my replies, i talked about ASUS MOBOs and not any other brand because their build quality surpasses what the post as acceptable and can usually run past what is stated to be the temperature limit/max and this is where the MOBO comes in regarding voltage and temperatures, once it sees the temperature to get close to a limit it will auto shut down, we see it as a blue screen and boot into BIOS for you to make adjustments which means to lower whatever you raised or lowered from default configuration that will cause some issue that the user or as you put it "average joe" may not understand.
  13. You may not find any. Remember the more platters at 7200rmp will be harder it is to keep the disk cool enough to avoid failure and i doubt manufactures can even make one that would keep cool or be reasonably priced. As started you really don't need the 7200rpm but if you must get it then stick to 2GB disks at 7200rpm.
  14. My attempt at a gaming pc

    Do you mind showing me where you got that from? cause here i saw that AMD and Intel boards blue screen if the temperatures gets too hot or the voltages are too high which would in turn make the temperature go up past what the board makers allow/recommend/specify.
  15. My attempt at a gaming pc

    Or okay, didn't see you name at the bottom.