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  1. "i iz doomed" ----@Triple_D....the kid whom made too many partitions! I have to start a quote book for people like this. You may have a boot file issue and that shit won't get fixed without proper maintenance and that is from the start of install, i feel you should save all your needed data while you can, then reformat the disk and then reinstall windows before you get a fail boot or a corrupted disk.
  2. I got mine from B&H last year on sale, cost me $280 and it is a good on but it is now $359 and i don't feel it is worth the extra dollars, i would wait it out.
  3. $199, @ goodwill, i guess that goodwill isn't so good, have you tried looking into like pawn shops, maybe they may have something suitable. Hey why don't you look into getting a flat tv but put it in a cage then hang it on the wall, i don't know what the situation is there but it is just a suggestion. Hope you get it solved for them.
  4. Well not totally, you can take they other stuff, the chromecast/etc. and go by you, make sure it is working then you will know for sure it is the back ov the TV, with that you will have to clear the wire and solder it back to the same connector and maybe you can use like some silicone/epoxy to stick it to the back of the TV.
  5. Jeeeesus, i feel the issue is at the ANT/CABLE connector at the back of the TV, it should not be that way.
  6. I never said he did guy, i was asking about his plans.
  7. but that is a flow bridge, just a janky one if done sloppily.
  8. @CyberFern0 If you don't use a flow bridge how do you plan to run the coolant to both GPU?
  9. The two ways is really through your install device, be it a flash drive, dvd disk or other, not each one would appear in the BIOS but what the BIOS is about is just choosing the boot options so that the media that you have the OS install files on will boot first and register in order for you to go ahead and install Windows. If you have not uninstalled the settings and configurations for Adobe then it isn't really uninstalled. Now you can go and check like the C drive and make sure that the Adobe folder is actually gone to ensure all links are gone. Adobe always leaves a trace when uninstalled and i idk why but that is how it is. Another thing that crossed my mind is you are sure you updated the various Adobe programs via the Adobe updater that comes with the CS collection? Hope you successfully fix your issue.
  10. The fresh install can be done two ways, the 1st way, you can install Win10 and not format the boot disk and then Windows, once there is enough capacity on the disk, will put all your previous OS data like Desktop, Photos and the C drive in a folder called windows.old, then install a new clean Win10 version and you can just grab what you need/want from the windows.old and put it in the fresh install, the 2nd, when you reach the format part of the new install you can format the boot disk and that will erase the old version of Win10 and then Windows will install the new version with no windows.old folder and you will need some 3rd party software to get back any data that was written over. With a fresh install only the boot disk gets the OS installed on it not say you backups unless you choose that specific disk,. Now you have to be careful at the format part of a fresh install because you can format all the disk there if you choose to but only an inexperienced person would do that as you will always want to install the OS on the C drive and not say back up D or E. have you tried to just reinstall the whole Adobe CS and not just Premier?
  11. @Jayxrealz you are in a real damned if you do and damned if you don't situation, on one hand it would be better to do the fresh install but fresh installs will erase any settings/configurations you have now and then you have the hassle of reinstalling drivers, configuring and doing updates, and on the other hand, if you do a "clean" install from the Windows you may very well have more botched issues. I would do the fresh install but it is because i find the hassle of reinstalling proper drivers and reconfiguring my Windows is better than having to work out a botched Windows revert thing. Try and find a fix for the Adobe issue first. What is the issue with it exactly?
  12. Bitspower is probably the most expensive in the whole WC business but you are correct about the price being almost the same and you will also need a bunch of extenders and you will never know how much until you start doing the runs. Do you have the tools to cut, heat, bend and smoothen the hardline?....you will also need that.
  13. Since you are doing hardline you don't need the hardline but you will have to use the 90 degree bender to get an exact bend but it will be cheaper than extra fittings.
  14. So you are trying to retrieve data from a Win7 backup for a Win10 OS?....if that is the case you can't do that, you can revert from Win10 to Win7. What, if any, is the actually error message you are getting?
  15. It maybe but it is hard to really say. Why don't you use Recuva to recover the data, be it an image or whatever, then just take out what you want. It would be nice to know like what OS and maybe some settings fro people to offer suggestions to help you, none of us are the Amazing Carnak.