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  1. Ethernet Speeds?

    It would have to be a 10GB card, also to get the advertised speeds of the Intel card you have you would also have to have that speed from your ISP.
  2. You would be better off with a 360mm and a 240mm with high density fins. The NF-F12 is a good choice as it has a high static pressure and air flow where by you can set the fans at say 50%-60% which should be fine once you have a moderate to low ambient temperature.
  3. @Heinz, know that the front radiator's trapped air will be very hard to expel due to the fact that you have the plenum chamber without the ports at the top. It is easier to have the end with the ports always at the top to get as much air out as possible., never the less your config is sound though.
  4. UPS for non PC Devices

    Almost any UPS is enough and would work for a TV. I ti s best to get a USP for all your electronics once you have bad power due to just supply or weather. I personally have one on my entertainment center, my PC and on my refrigerator. I would advise you get sine wave and not simulated sine wave because the simulated kind introduces electronic noise until the batteries are fully charged and settled. APC is good by so too is Cyberpower. Now if you are an american or has a similar type of junction box, i say american because not all junction boxes around the world allow for this due to building codes, and you are working and doing home renovations i would recommend you get a line conditioner for your junction box as added protection for the whole house.
  5. Liquid metal

    The chances are high from what i am seeing. looks like small puddles or air bubbles, i think you put too much.
  6. Is it Gigabit ?

    @thrilledtear, yes that is what the 1000Mbps means.
  7. Can you extract an iso file from a Wii disc?

    To add to @Theguywhobea, split files and finding the proper chunk size (in most cases MAX is suggested) may be a challenge.
  8. Glass glue? Screen repair

    The tape is to really hold the broken pieces in the place they are now and not to seal it back up, that kind of glass is almost impossible to make whole again unless you have some specific tool, glue and expertise. I think it is the same as what is on most cell phones the soda-lime type. Best of luck.
  9. Glass glue? Screen repair

    Glass glue?....a piece of clear gorilla tape may be your best bet because if you try to glue those pieces together it will just crumble making the gaps bigger. Leave that alone until you can pay the 350 or do an RMA.
  10. Vsync, god the stutter.

    In the Nvidia Control Panel you go to the Adjust desktop size and position under the Display heading on the left of the panel and then on the right you select No Scaling and then apply it and restart the PC. If you do not like it you can just click what ever choice was there before you changed it and then apply it and it would ba back to how you had it. Know that every time you install a new Nvidia driver all changes in the control panel are reset except the scaling. Also you may want to use the other settings to get the picture you want.
  11. I started seeing my issue on the morning of second day, so give it some time but as i said, you may be fine, i have heavily modified my Win10 OS so that may contribute too but not sure.
  12. It depends on your end result, for some, most actually, it seems to be causing more problems but if it isn't for you then i think you maybe fine.
  13. Nice post @sikari2015, i am not sure if this is only my issue as i cannot find any relating to it but is is early but for me apart from the AI Suite2 not loading i have also had an issue where one of my backup storage disks that has been formatted with GPT is showing to have failed S.M.A.R.T. when it was perfectly fine just before the update. The disk still loads and opens but copying is now slower than before. I plan to do a reformat and see if that helps. I am on the 1709 build and i just uninstalled the KB4056892 update and all is back to normal again, AI Suite 2 loads and the disk passed S.M.A.R.T. i will still do the reformatting when i get my new disk, ordering that now. EDIT: Two more updates rolled out for me today, KB4054517 and KB4058043 the last one is linked to a MS Store reliability. So far no issues have happend, AI Suite2 loads and S.M.A.R.T says my disk is fine. I still have no idea what the issue is with KB4056892.
  14. Seven Fan Setup

    it depends on what you plan to cool, if it is radiators and they are on top the best way would be to put the fans on top and rear as exhaust and the fans front and if possible, the bottom as intake. I know you didn't ask this but, high static pressure fans are better than air flow because they can fun at slower speeds, push the air further but still produce good air flow, then you have the extra ariflow when you bump up the speed for when you use the system at full performance.
  15. Mouse DPI preference poll

    I use 2700 DPI for gaming and normal use.