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    Christian Conservative, next stop: White House
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    Danger Zone
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    Simulators, Computers, GabeN and Math
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    Professional NoScoper/QuickScoper


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    i7 4790k
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    Lid to shoebox
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    2 sticks of trees
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    Doritos superclox OC Cool Ranch edition
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    Box I stole from a homelessman
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    Floppy Lobster Bisque
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    Hamster running on a hamster wheel
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    Triple Gameboy color screens
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    Mountain Dew purple edition cooling fluid
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    Cardboard box to a keyboard with a PS2 cable taped to it
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    A mouse with his tail jammed in the USB port
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    I don't have speakers but I got some nice Cans...from Mtn. Dew
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    a piece of glass
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  1. Thank you friend! Are you a fisher as well? If so can you send me pictures of you master baiting? I need a picture guide sort of to learn how to bait a hook.
  2. Thank you, sorry about that! I didn't realize I posted in the wrong place. I'm assuming I put it in General Discussion. Sorry about that and thanks.
  3. Really? It looks more like a tool for master baiting, like a hook. Though, it doesn't have a fancy knot on one end.
  4. I already am, I was once the President of my Model UN debate team, now my younger sibling is the VP of his Model UN debate team, I've taught him everything he knows about master debating.
  5. This is not a shitpost. I am asking a legitimate question.
  6. How will they see it? Should I post pictures of me "Master Baiting?" For example, should I show them that I can put bait on the hook without killing it? Or do you think my determination to become a "Master Baiter" by asking and posting a question about it will be enough?
  7. So as the title suggests, I'd like to become a master baiter. What kind of bait do I buy, I fish in fresh water, how do I put the bait on the hook etc. I've been trying to get on fishing facebooks but they said I need to "Master bait" first. So I am unable to join the Master Baiters fishing facebook, does anyone know how to get good at "Master baiting" or at least good enough to join them? Thank you. I've asked other fishing forums but I've come up dry as far as answers go. Oh and side note, I either kill my bait by mistake or it comes off the hook too easily if you can help me resolve t
  8. I'm going to say Greenland on this one. In my opinion Nvidia is too cocky at the top and AMD's been slacking in preparation for Greenland.
  9. I say O' the Irony because, I'm a major audiophile and have a good collection. Though, I have no DJ headphones coupled with limited knowledge of them. I've been messing around with a Novation Launch pad Pro and my HD 800's. Now HD 800's aren't the best for DJ'ing and neither are Mad dogs Ether C's so I'm looking for a pair to "Dink" around with. Unfortunately, the budget isn't limitless because I'm only doing it in my spare time so I really don't care. I'm looking for a pair in the 50-70 USD range. My criteria, is that I'd like them to be warm enough as well as a rotary hinge (Like the k
  10. Did I ever explain to thee, that an acquaintance of mine takes up residence in Indonesia?
  11. I mean if anything it could, theoretically, be considered a bottle neck if it makes it harder for you to over clock but a sniper board should do you just fine. Get MSI after burner and you can put a 380 through a lot but not much. They are known for low OC potential.
  12. You can get a 750Ti for around that much with Mail in Rebates, but if you want something a bit more powerful, you could always go 950.