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  1. Nice, that should be fine, just make sure you have the signal going to the proper in and out of each device. Enjoy.
  2. What is the TV model?
  3. You could get a headphone amp/dac or a normal dac or for the TV, just a normal male 3.5" to female USB adapter.
  4. @Abec11This could be anything really, could be you need to adjust the fan settings in the BIOS for the minimum and maximum cycle, could be a loose conector. Depending on the MOBO you can adjust this in the BIOS in where you can lower the wait time for the BIOS but know that this will make it impossible to get ito the BIOS with the delete key. So for like ASUS MOBOs you can use the ASU Boot Settings to go into the BIOS from on the desktop but i am not sure about other MOBO vendors.
  5. What kind of help are you looking for?.... Have you ever cleaned the PC of dust?...yes the GPU can collect dust.
  6. If all it is doing is changing the search engine then it is a redirect and not a virus. You could manually track it down by running searches in Windows and regedit but be warned that messing up in regedit can brick an OS. As suggested you can reset the browser but you will still have to look for registry entries, ccleaner or other such programs can do that for you.
  7. @THBACH, you will hardly ever get low latency for gaming unless you use ethernet however, video streaming would be fine. You have not said if you can run your own wires in your new home but if you can then your best and most efficient and cheap way would be to use ethernet from modem/router to different devices and for devices that only have WIFI, then use a cheapish router like a ArcherC8/9 as say somewhere in the vertical middle of your home to give some even range, you could attach this router via ethernet or WIFI from the ISP's modem. Now if you have the finances then you can
  8. @iHildy, try clearing the CMOS without the RAM installed and with the PSU unplugged, bu t note this will clear the BIOS of any manual settings you may have created and saved in the BIOS.
  9. No matter what "good" router you get and unless it is ASUSWRT(Merlin) or third party capable like the WRT1900ACS you won't get the full potential of the router especially with Port Forwarding and triggering and not to mention writing you own iptables. The 1900ACS is a very good option. Some TP-Link Archer line is good too, especially with third party firmware. Stay away from Trendnet and Buffalo, they offer more problems than needed with the current course the company has taken.
  10. Removing the ports on the NAT/firewall for any torrenting software when closed should be safe.
  11. @Force Gaia, it is fine to flush with normal tap water but depending on the quality of your tap water you do not want to connect anything of this nature directly to your tap, you can however just fill like a container and then fill the radiators and shake the tap water around, empty and repeat to flush the radiators and then do a last rinse with distilled water, empty, dry your them, yes dry them because water can get trapped in the fins and then drip on components, and then connect your radiators back to the loop and fill with your coolant of your choice and all will be fine.
  12. Sounds so to me too and good find but i have never heard of this one, anyway do the AIDA64 test without opening the CPUID and see how long it runs and if it just runs for hours then you know it is a bug that is causing the crashes.
  13. With stressing the memory you should just run the memory testing at first to know if the memory is stable at whatever frequency, timings, and voltage you have it set at. When next you test with AIDA64 use the sensor page to monitor the temperatures and keep an eye on the MOBO temperature and not say CPU only because the heat generated can make the MOBO temperature go up as well and then a crash will happen but it would be the general temperature causing the crash and not memory instability. keep the voltage to the 1.39v or see if you can go like 1.395v and try again.
  14. @kiicki, OCing RAM is tedious and can take a long time to get really stable. The crash could be due to just general heat build up in the case and not instability. Did you check for any thermal throttling during the tests? AIDA64 provides a better test IMO and with the latest build they have DDR4 support, which is not to say you can't use any other stress tester of your choosing. Method: start doing your tests at the RAM's XMP setting and once you do not get any crashes then do a slight bump in frequency, timings and carry the voltage to the maximum allowed and test again, if
  15. You might have to remap as it would be different firmware with more/different options in the firmware. Also, make sure you choose a tested build and not the latest because some Nighthawk owners have reported serious issues with the recent batch of new builds. Try BS r33006 as it is a 2017 stable build but know it is before any KRACK/Specter?Meltdown patches, so start there to get familiar and then you can choose a more recent build and also know that some of the more previous build you have to do a new config in the firmware as you get errors if you flash and do not reset to factory defaults..