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  1. Have you tried turning them off and back on again ? Before you shut them down you should disable remote desktop first and then turn it back on again when all of the systems are posted.
  2. Shot out of the Cable Car:


    This is the view over the Lauterbrunnen Valley, it has a total of 72 water falls hence the name Lauterbrunnen which is German and means: a lot of water falls. Lauterbrunnen is the Valley underneath Mürren, a small coasie village.


    So the mountain we are on has got the Schilthorn as it's peak. Schilthorn Piz Gloria was the movie set for James Bond On her Majesty's Secret Service: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Her_Majesty's_Secret_Service_(film)



    Also the Top of Europe is also here: Eiger, Mönch und Jungfrau: 



    Also first time I had Froot Loops today and they are delicious:


    1. DildorTheDecent


      Bröther, may I have some lööps?

  3. When your classmate tries to pull a michael jordan and attempts to throw the wet paper towels in the trash can but misses 3 times in a row & just give him this look: You done goooooooofed buud !
  4. Alright this is it for now, won't be using a PC for two weeks. We are going on Ski Holidays tomorrow and I'm only taking my Switch and phone with me. Like I told you guys in the 2019 rewind we are going to Mürren: https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/destinations/muerren/  We rented a small chalet like every year because we are staying for two weeks, you can't stay in a hotel with two Appenzeller doggos that bark every time when they hear something from outside.

    1. MEC-777


      Nice! Have fun! :)

  5. Yes, 25CHF is 23€. If two more people join the connect family then everyone gets unlimited amounts of Data, SMS and Calls for again just 25CHF.
  6. I have to bump this:

    So you guys get to see it as well.

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    2. VegetableStu


      whoa, the cap is for each! that's nice O_O

    3. Pascal...


      Yes, and if two more people join the connect family then everyone gets unlimited amounts of data every month and the 4G upload/download rate stays the same and does not get reduced. And then everyone would still have to just pay 25 bucks, the price always stays the same. This is arguably the best mobile subscription you can get in the world. Except of course you have to buy the device separately.

    4. wANKER


      In the UK I get 6GB data, with monthly unused rollover, unlimited calls and texts for £10 a month 


      The GCHQ funding really does bring prices down. 

  7. Platz ? Did I hear that right ? You know a bit of German ?
  8. Well that's the affect of the BOOMERANG, if you DROP while you're trying to catch it again then you'll get a BOOMER crisis. #BOOMERANG-GangGang
  9. Congratulations @LinusTech @nicklmg on 10 Mio Subs. I am one of the OG subscribers. You guys were the first Channel I subbed to back in 2013 when you guys just had 100K. It is really nice to see you guys grow so big and influential. Now I haven't yet seen the Livestream from Linus, if he steps down as CEO then that's fine to me aslong as he continues to make content and Memes. Whish you guys all the best for the future, hope that this Forum will also grow a bit. To 20 Mio !

    1. MEC-777


      It's been quite the journey, to come from doing a few videos for a retailer, to building a largely successful business, brand and platform. Congrats on the 10mil subs, LMG! :)

  10. Digitec connect mobile subscription: My brother created a connect family so each of us (a friend from my brother, my brother and I) will have 5GB of data with unlimited calls & SMS in Switzerland each month and it just costs each of us 25 bucks. You can add up to five people in a connect family and then per new member everyone will get an extra 1 GB of Data each month and the price stays the same. It starts at 3 GB of Data per month for the mobile subscriptions for Smartphones, you can also get IoT subscriptions with lower or higher to unlimited amounts of data each month but then those are meant for IoT devices. https://connect.digitec.ch/connect/
  11. A Selfie of Jaba shot with the main camera:
  12. Thanks to all of you for 4000 reputation !


    1. Den-Fi



  13. WTF Cancersoft !


    I installed Outlook literally 3 days ago and it is already broken. Are you fucking kidding me, at least make it that your bullshit app is functional. But no, it has to delete all the events I've created for this Week. Now personally I don't f*** care, but it's for school, unfortunately.

    1. MEC-777



  14. One of thousands of reasons to move over to Linux:

    Big oof...

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    2. Pascal...


      Yeah, I know. I myself ofc use Google Docs and G-Suite Services but I also mean move away from Microsoft as a whole.

    3. Tech_Dreamer
    4. MEC-777


      Keep on diggin, Microsoft.

  15. Some random girl in our class today on the topic of health and sleep in particular regarding content consumption: "You should turn off any electronic devices one hour before you go to sleep to ensure bla bla...."


    Meanwhile me and everyone else: Is on PC/Smartphone, *checks time* oh it's 23:12 pm, hmm yeah ima finish doing what I'm doing, then it's like a bit later: yeah I'll hop into bed now.



    Like Bitch seriously, do you expect anyone who is in our age group to "turn off everything" one hour before they go to bed ???   


    And it also sounded like that she is telling it to me directly knowing that I'm the Tech savvy guy (which is true ofc) and be like: Yeah you in particular have to watch out...


    Watch out for what ? I mean yeah, I know how many hours a night I need for a good sleep and stuff.


    Like Imagine going to bed one hour before your typical bed time and then just laying there all bored and still woke, like you aren't really tired to sleep in...


    I hope you guys get the point here of what I'm trying to say.



    Anyways, another day another experience with ignorant (and dumb) people.



    This was written at 00:13 am in the morning. F*ck the system.



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    2. dizmo


      There's a couple of Harvard papers on it, and it was a discussion point at a conference my aunt went to.

    3. Pascal...


      Yeah sure, I do too turn everything off when I go to bed. But my point was rather about when and not if or what.

    4. TVwazhere


      I leave my PC on at night, with the RGB 200mm fan set to red, because red light is the least intrusive on your eyes (hence why many camping flashlights and head maps have red light modes)


  16. @Silentprototipe 




    I don't know, he should have probably watched a video of removing a eMMC-Chip first, lmao. 

    1. veldora


      I thought it was basic knowledge to wait until she moves to pull it off... Smh

    2. Silentprototipe
  17. I really like and enjoy my new Oppo Reno 2Z with ColorOS 6.1 (still Android 9):


    It's a simple, smart and elegant UI with a lot of features. First Screenshot is my Home Screen where I have 5 App folders with everything sorted by G-Suite & Tools, Social Media, My Devices (so apps for Headphones and Smartwatch), Applications (so Spotify, Shazam, banking App) and MS Tools. I always rock clean & minimalist wallpapers, this one of a forest is just a stock one from Oppo. 


    And then the second screenshot is the Smart Assistant shelf on the left, here I've got the Calendar (it's the Google Calendar) and the Temperature and weather conditions of my Home Town.


    ColorOS 7 (with Android 10) is supposed to come out next Month. Best feature: System wide dark Mode.


    I will write a full review of the Reno 2Z and Switch Lite (and Bluetooth adapter) in the Ski Holidays.


    So stay tuned.

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    2. Pascal...


      It's obviously a big improvement in Battery Life over my old OP5T. And it has got VOCC Charge 3 so I can charge it from 1 to 100% in like half an hour.

    3. Spotty



      Anyone else think that looks like a frowning guy wearing a monocle?

    4. FloRolf


      @Spotty can't be unseen anymore.


  18. Ima get skins for it. Swarm with the Orange Logo to be exact.
  19. Pascal...

    Jessie and Jaba photos

    This is the photo album of Jessie and Jaba. These are all the photos of them without any friends or family members on them. I'll try to keep it updated as I or my brother make new photos of them. Ok so: Jessie is a 7 year old Appenzeller Bernese Mountain Dog mix, her Birthday is on the 7th of December 2012. Jaba is a 2 year old Appenzeller Border Collie mix, her Birthday is on the 19th of December 2017. Enjoy !