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  1. soldier_ph

    Oh hi hey there how ya doing ?      You can fin…

  2. Oh hi hey there how ya doing ? 



    You can finally unfollow from Status Updates now ! Hell to the yeah !



    Due to the new mutated strain of the not so new anymore Corona Virus Switzerland has put in place tougher restrictions trying to avoid another Lockdown even tho cases are rising no matter what. Don't ask me why we don't just do another Lockdown of 3 Months like last year like all of the other European Countries do/did. So now there isn't a suggestion for Home Office anymore but rather it is Mandatory to work remotely where possible so of course this also counts for my school. We'll be doing Online Classes again till the end of February of it the situation doesn't get worse. Thankfully the voluntary coaching/tutoring lesson on Saturday is still taking place from which I can benefit a lot from, my school got a special permit from the Canton to be able to still do these lessons on Saturday morning as I got accustomed to. Also my apprentice trainer actually requires me to visit these lessons and then I have to bring him the confirmation sheet with the Teachers Signature to prove that I attended the lesson. So yea getting up at 6 am at 6 times a week is fun /s



    On a for me personally more Negative note: My Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is broken again. Water leaked inside the Handle bar onto the Daughter board thus causing corrosion on the Screws holding the board in and on some of the Surface Mounted Components for the one and only Button on the Vehicle. This Button is used to Turn On, Turn Off, Switch between the ride modes (ECO = 15 km/h, Standard = 20 km/h and Sport = 25 km/h) and turn on the Headlight.It took me and my Dad a couple of hours to Troubleshoot this issue and to assemble the Handlebar and Display assembly. But Amazon to the rescue ! They have almost every replacement part for my Scooter including probably and hopefully the right Daughter board. Will have to cross check all the info I can find on the broken one and hopefully be able to get the exact same one brand new for relatively cheap. 

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    2. Benji


      Amazon knows why they keep practically all the replacement parts for this Mi Electric Scooter. Apparently that thing was in repair more than it ran. 🤣


      Well, yeah, but Belgium for example already banned travel outside the country and Germany is also in lockdown until at least Feb 14 (which also means all schools are closed).

      That's the stupid thing: They discuss it all with the chancellor in a 5+ hour debate, and then they go back to their local politicians and turn all the rules that have just been made upside down. Now some states think about re-opening restaurants. Like, wtf? Nothing here makes sense and everything that is planned on a federal level gets overturned on the state (Bundesland) level almost immediately after... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    3. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      46 minutes ago, soldier_ph said:

      You can finally unfollow from Status Updates now ! Hell to the yeah !

      You know what even better?


    4. soldier_ph


      20 minutes ago, Drama Lama said:

      You know what even better?



  3. soldier_ph

    forum get DDoS huh why does this fourm get DDoS…

    But I gotta know when ROG RIG Reboot 2069 is gonna happen ?!?!?!?!?!?!?1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice
  4. soldier_ph

    #NvidiaConsumersCantWin   You either get crappy…

    At this point I would have to pull up every Product page + review from different sources to differentiate an Nvidia GPU from one another, not just mobile.
  5. soldier_ph

    me: awake  at 3 am   brain:   Spoiler  

    Me and my Brother have an inside joke right now where we both say Onions every time we see us during the day. He started with it probably because out of boredom and I just started doing it aswell 'cause Onions.
  6. soldier_ph

    I was looking at job postings, and one had a re…

    What kind of job requirement is that ?
  7. soldier_ph

    Wellllllllll it boots. So that's good. I kicked…

    What's MO-RA ?
  8. soldier_ph


    You can think of their CPUs what you want but man do I ever Love to hear that "bum du du dum".
  9. soldier_ph

    Status Update

    If you don't game on PC then yes ! I would get an M1 Macbook Air wouldn't I need/want a Gaming Notebook.
  10. soldier_ph

    GF: I have backpain Me: well then try to sleep…

    @FloRolfSuggest the Blackroll recovery pillow to her if she has Back pain on the regular. Am using it myself and have since not had any Neck or Backpain from sleeping, that's also thanks to my Emma Mattress of course.
  11. Live Laugh Love Liao 


    This is Comedy Gold:


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    2. WaggishOhio383


      We need a "The Office" style behind the scenes series that's just Linus's day-to-day interactions with his coworkers/employees.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      wtf is liao please explain

    4. Schnoz


      @Letgomyleghoe Liao is Dennis's last name.


      @WaggishOhio383 Semi related quote: 




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    2. HairlessMonkeyBoy


      Buy a bunch of dumb parts.

      They are being shipped and will show up in a few days.

      Ask the forum what they think of your dumb parts.

    3. Lurick


      When you can't find good reviews but take the plunge anyway and then a week later HWUB comes out with a video praising the monitor you bought.

      Super nice 😄

    4. Schnoz


      That feeling tho when Gamers Nexus praises your 5700 XT as the one with the best cooler and PCB component quality...

  12. Another Xtorm USB Power Hub XPD18 Cube Pro and two USB A to C Xtorm charging Cables for a charging setup at my Night stand for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Bose Sleepbuds. 2 Pilot Frixion Clickers for school in Black and Blue, a new Bell for my Mountainbike and reflective stickers from Scotch for my Xiaomi Electric Scooter:
  13. Hell yeah the GPU architecture which is named after me is getting another hurrah. inb4 sold out
  14. That sounds like a weird fetish. Also didn't know there was someone more evil than Facebook themselves.
  15. From the album: Pascal Food Tips

    I approve of this Coffee and it only costed 2.45 CHF for 350ml.
  16. soldier_ph

    Pascal Food Tips

    This Album is dedicated to everything and anything food and drink related. I am going to from now on take pictures of anything food or drink related that is worthy to be shown off here in this Album. Enjoy and Bon Appétit !
  17. Starting 2021 off right with a new rep Record: 


    Thank you guys !


    It's been snowing heavily the past week here in Switzerland. This is a shot of the road leading upto my school in the City where I go to school at: 


    This is a typical old town Town Center with the Train and Bus Station off to the right behind me.


    My Impressions of the Apple Watch have been pretty great so far, luckily the solo loop fits snugly. The Watch is extremely responsive and fluent as we expect from Apple, integration with the iPhone couldn't be more seamless. Call Quality is really excellent, you can not only receive but obviously also make calls with it since it's the 4G LTE Version. WhatsApp, Discord and Gmail Notifs show up natively and don't require a separate App on the Watch. At work I just have my gloves and Jacket or Hoodie sleeve over it so I don't scratch it. 


    Bose Sleepbuds 2 are great to sleep with and work as expected, you can adjust the setting so that the white noise stops playing after a Certain time. Since I tend to sleep in after about half an hour I've got it set to only play the sounds for so long. Like my Sony WF-1000XM3s the Sleepbuds too do block off to noise by just having them in so I haven't woken up to a random noise yet. 


    I sold off my old Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire for 245 CHF yesterday. 

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama


      t's been snowing heavily the past week here in Switzerland

      🎵  Im Sommer da scheint‘s im Winter da schneit‘s , in der Schweiz, in der Schweiz, in der Schweiz  🎵 

  18. This is the photo album of Jessie and Jaba. These are all the photos of them without any friends or family members on them. I'll try to keep it updated as I or my brother take new photos of them. Jessie is a 7 year old Appenzeller Bernese Mountain Dog mix, her Birthday is on the 7th of December 2012. Jaba is a 2 year old Appenzeller Border Collie mix, her Birthday is on the 19th of December 2017. Enjoy !