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  1. None, go try 65% keyboards instead. You can thank me later
  2. Does it really matter anymore? The performance is going to be similar to those in its weight class. The cooling scene needs something incredible if it wants to be interesting again
  3. Razer is still running is it not? Clearly treating your employees like that is working out for the man. Just saying. Life isn't always pretty.
  4. Which boss doesn't have a ego? You can't run a company as big as that without some
  5. At this point i dont even care who comes in, just more coming in is a sight to behold in this day and age
  6. Ya, i really wonder how the dude got to that conclusion. All you have to do is walk in a computer hardware store and look at the shelf.
  7. Bcat00

    silent cooler

    Change out the fan, easiest and cheapest way to silent your system. Might have to tape it to that heat sink but who cares, you’re not looking anyways
  8. I am currently using it as my main for gaming. The directional sound on it is better than almost everything I've used in the same price range like the hyperX and etc. Now here comes the cons, the loose head thing is true for people that likes to shake their head alot for some reason, also the pads aren't leather so you will need to clean them often and not quite as comfy. I bought some aftermarket leather pads to replace the ones that came with it and now its super comfy. Tight fit but it works. Software wise, it's a real doozy because it can start auto shutting down for no reason and won't go away after a update. Had to send mine in and get a new one from corsair after paying for my own shipping. Sucks that they make you pay for shipping.
  9. Uuuhh, this is actually not that hard to do. I myself have removed the memories from my 760gtx when i replaced it years ago and re-soldered it back on just for the heck of it to see what's underneath. Anyone can do it if they funnel the hot air into a tighter point with their heat gun. They honestly did a piss poor job if you ask me. Killing 2 cards is just wrong when they had all those tools around while i had a heat gun with a metal funnel for control and a set of pliers.
  10. That case reminds me of my old dell computer that sounds like a jet engine. It was very tightly designed leaving no spare room for air to go anywhere else aside from the directed GPU and CPU
  11. I'm not going to start arguing whether or not they care, rather the fact that the citizens support them is enough to say whether they are doing a good enough job or not. There over a 1.3 billion people in that country. If the majority of the populous didn't like their own government then the ruling party would've collapsed by now. Don't hate the system, hate the person running it. If they do a bad job someone will fight to turn them over, that's the fact of reality. Ignorance is not a bliss buddy
  12. Return the system and get the other card. The model you have there is one of the cheapest and crappiest cooler out there and easily saves the seller a hundred dollar or so. that seller is definitely not honest in doing a switch a roo
  13. Sad to say but the level of education in China is far inferior to more developed country. I know you and a lot of users on this forum won’t get the reasoning and the ideology of the Chinese populous backing this law, but that’s what is needed over there. As for your overreach opinion, I personally agree with you since I had the liberty of enjoying the freedom of doing whatever I wish in the west. However, it’s a different world they live over there.
  14. Some might say this is too extreme but there are strong cases in China pushing the government to pass this law. People dying in Internet cafes being the strongest one
  15. This is reasonable on blizzards end, no issue with the ban. It’s fine to support a movement but to do it on someone else’s platform and drag the company into the hot mess is just asking for trouble. Dude should’ve thought better
  16. Take off the fans from you existing cooler and zip tie some random fans to it. Getting a vga wire adapter is cheap like 5$
  17. Call Logitech and see, it could be just mistake considering how similar the box looks
  18. Can’t say intel’s list there is wrong. I use Chrome the most followed by word
  19. They’re all the same from the same factory. The only diff is 1 might have a extra pillow or a leg rest with slightly different materials
  20. You realize how silly that sounds right? They did that because they wanted to protect their work, why should they let the pirate sites do as they please?