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  1. sexy sexy sexy, i wanna lick it. this ad isn't like those ads where they have a bunch of random people jumping and dancing with some iphones with different colors flashign past the screen w/o information and like a bunch of people doing whatever for fake diversity so apple gets accepted, this ad is like actually explaining what it is. I'll buy one if it's less than 850$ hopefully for non ultra
  2. why is uk suck so much lately with all these bans and reinforcements and whatever
  3. never fucking said anything bout shadowplay. geforce experience fucks me over more than it helps, and it changes in game settings to random ass shit because nvidia thinks a 1060 can run a game 1440p max settings 60 fps smh. just get it from the official site it's easier
  4. dont use nvidia gforce thing to install drivers, use ddu and install from site directly
  5. just can i do it, stop being a detective. like is there a way I can still access the computer with all my games and shit? even if he changes the password on one user for example
  6. so my dad gon change my pass on my windows computer, but I was wondering, is there a way to have two users on the pc and have it with exact same files?
  7. yes woah, make sure to preserve that relic, it's an important part of the history of the origins of the computer. might sell for millions down the line
  8. why such old components... like you can find good performing components that are newer and still cheap.
  9. oh no don't you hate it when honey knows I buy sock, straws, and random gadgets from amazon and targets me with data specific ads. oh wait adblock ah yes.
  10. we're never gonna travel to different stars tbh, our civilization's technology for interstellar travel is pretty basic, just BIG FIRE MEANS BIG PUSH SO GO BIG HOT PUSH FIRE TO MOON. 8 months to go to mars, yeahhhh we need new space travelling technology.