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  1. Hey! The past couple of weeks, seems to be every other day - I watch Twitch streams a lot and all the sudden after watching for 5-10mins it will buffer, my connection will drop to 3 bars and then bloop no connection and ill have to wait 5-10mins for it to come back? I haven't changed anything on my computer to make this happen. I use a Wifi USB thing for AWHILE now and I have 5G and normal wifi. I have no option to use Ethernet so PLEASE dont suggest that. I would alwasy use the 5G option because it is around 150/200 down compared to the 2.4g that is only 20. The only thing I
  2. That is yeah, But I should have mentioned I am going for a bit more budget friendly seeing that the pro controller comes to $101 after tax.
  3. Hey! Pretty much title - Looking for a Controller I can use on my switch because I have to send my joy cons into be replaced - But I have been in the market for a PC Controller (Wired) aswell. Anyone know if there is one that can do both? The controller needs to have a wired option to work on my PC. Thanks (In Canada so hopefully if you suggest .com there will be a .ca option)
  4. Thank you! I remember this was a thing but I completely forgot how to do it.
  5. Hey, Pretty much I have my iPhone 11 and I would like to restore it back to say like the day I first got it. (althought I would like to keep my contacts) that is all I care about. And then doing a clean backup to a fresh phone. Anyone have any suggestions / links on how I go about doing this? Already backed up my photos. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I moved it across my room. Like 6 Feet. Its strange because this is the location I first had my setup a year or so ago. And never noticed any issues with the Wifi but now you can tell when you are downloading something that its a big difference.
  7. Hey! So, all the sudden I've gotten a huge drop in download speeds with my back port. I use a USB Wifi adapter and I've been using it for 3-4 years with no issues till all the sudden. (Back USB port) Ive tried to use different ports in the back but its no help. Plugged into my back USB Port. Plugged into my front USB Port.
  8. Hey! So I just upgraded my one old 21 inch to 2 24inch monitors, nothing special I only got them because one was given to me by a family member, But I have some questions. Pretty much want to know if any of theses are worth turning on. Ive been playing with V-Sync all my life because of screen tearing. Thanks! Freesync - I know a little about it but does it work with Nivida cards? it says AMD on it. "Game Mode" - "Game Mode is available on all current Samsung TVs. When you set a video source (input) to Game mode, your TV electronically bypasses t
  9. Hey, So I just got this monitor for free from a family member and I have another old 21inch monitor ive been using for years but comparing it to this new one its so different. So I want to pick up this one its the same model number but when I went to look at it there is another version of it (different model number) but its less price? Here This is the model I have. Samsung 24" 1080p HD 60Hz 4ms LED Monitor Price: 149.99$ 700 reviews. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/samsung-samsung-24-1080p-hd-60hz-4ms-led-monitor-ls24f350fhnxza-ls24f35
  10. is 10MB - 100Mbps? (roughly)

    I keep confusing the two.

    1. Mira Yurizaki

      Mira Yurizaki

      It depends on how the physical signal was encoded. 100 megabits per second could be 12.5 megabytes per second, 10 megabytes per second, or even about 9 megabytes per second. For example, SATA, PCIe 1.0 and 2.0, USB 2.0, and various other interfaces use something known as 8b/10b Encoding. Which means 8 bits are encoded into 10 bits (this is done for various reasons).


      This is also dependent on how the data was encoded. Some protocols could compress the data to raise the effective bandwidth.


      (This is probably why when discussing the bandwidth of the interface itself, it's measured in raw bits per second, partly because it's larger, but partly because a "byte" depends on how the bits were actually used)


  11. Hey, I wanted to ask a question. My intenert speeds have dropped to 1-2Mbps a second from what i ussily get around 200-300. I contacted my ISP "Rogers" And they told me this. "I Set IP to lease to 'Forever' & Removed 100s of Ports Forwarded, mostly Torrents & games" They told me they fixed the issue by doing that ^ But my PCs internet is incredibly slow? My phones internet is fine, the speed test showed good results. is there anything I can do to fix the issue? Thanks!
  12. Hey! I am working on this project and I am asked "List three things that are not ideal about this graph. What makes it challenging?" The only thing that I can think of is that the left hand side numbers dont start at 0% and I think thats an issue? anyone else have any ideas? Maybe the colors are bad? the chart should have been a different kind? Here is the chart and table. Thanks!
  13. ahhh gotcha, thanks! yeah I got this one for free from a relitive but my OCD is killing with 2 diffrence sizes and now 2 completely different color aspects Thanks for the help:).