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    Picture framer


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    i7 6700
  • Motherboard
    Asus H170 "Pro Gaming"
  • RAM
    16 gigs
  • GPU
    RX480 8gigs
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    Meshify C Dark
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    2 SSDs and 1 HDD
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    EVGA G3 750W
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    Four 120mm helicopters
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    Logitech G413
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    Logitech G305
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    Audio Technica ATH-M30X
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    MS-DOS 10

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  1. that card looks like something you'd find in your pile of hardware from the 2000s
  2. I've shutdown my machines each night for many years, never had issues.
  3. A lot have asked questions like this but the answer is definitive: by the time it arrives, virus will be dead. But if you want to be sure just handle the package with gloves or quarantine it for a week or two
  4. Lol Druaga1 used this SSD before.
  5. Is Linus genuinely suprised because most know about ReactOS
  6. Around 2018 I sold some of my older PC parts to get Vista time accurate hardware for a Vista build. It ran quite smoothly.
  7. First time I see a banana sata cable, guess it fits well with the mustard and ketchup psu cables.
  8. When you milk this kind of content so dry it turns to powder.
  9. Perhaps it has something to do with AE's disk cache. 4GBs of cache from a session seems a bit high but 20GB... eeehhh. You can check where the cache is stored and how much is allocated (Edit > Preferences > Media & Disk Cache)