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  1. Murasaki

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    Oh nvm I just saw the animation. Maybe I just didn't pay attention to it at first.
  2. Murasaki

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    Hey your avatar loads better now!
  3. Thinking of getting a playback trigger to play a custom sound on boot. Works on 12/24V so hooking it up to a molex connector is an idea.



    1. TheCoder2019


      I did. I have an arduino nano that has a 1 in 200 chance to rickroll me. It's not exactly that board but similar concept

  4. Murasaki

    Status Update

    Many many years ago when I didn't know much about computers I had AVG. It never missed to scare the shit out of me with false positives but had no issues letting the actual malware through. Crappy AV is crappy.
  5. Murasaki

    Status Update

    I'm sorry the power supply was doing what.
  6. Murasaki

    How can a defective Xbox one series controller…

    Sheer greed.
  7. Murasaki

    As you can see I think I have a small temp prob…

    temp1: "I WILL NOT COMPLY"
  8. Murasaki

    me: awake at 3 am brain: [spoiler]

    First time I've even heard of Irish guacamole.
  9. http://www.catch22.net/software/winspy Take a screenshot and measure the taskbar height, I use 1080p so don't know what the standard height is for that resolution. On 1080p its 40px so my work area is 2560x1040 at a resolution of 2560x1080. This is pretty much for troubleshooting and seeing if the desktop is set correctly, If all checks out though I give up and throw my hands up in dissapointment and wonder what on earth is going on.
  10. Murasaki


    Expected cat pic, was not dissapointed!
  11. Okay so I have one last idea and its pretty much debugging the workarea. For starters checking it with WinSpy++. Grab the icon, drag it to the desktop and let go so it gets the class. Then on the bottom press the "More >>" button and then hit the "Locate" button. It should be on SysListView32 "FolderView". After find on the list "TabletModeCoverWindow" which should be a few entries up. Once selected, on the left see what it says in the General tab under "Rectangle" (example: (0,0) - (2560,1040) - 2560x1040). Depending on your resolution (what is it btw?) it sho
  12. Murasaki

    The forum in a nutshell:

    Actually its kinda ironic when I see "urgent" or "asap" threads get no responces for like a day or two
  13. Murasaki

    This summer looks like it’s going to be a coole…

    I can't handle heat well so another summer of dying incoming..
  14. Yeah I don't get it either, it shouldn't have kept this behavior. Never really heard of a monitor causing it and it doesn't make much sense for it to be the cause..
  15. Murasaki

    Status Update

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to annoy anyone. I'll stop.
  16. Murasaki


    Congratulations, Grumpy Idol Man!
  17. Murasaki

    Status Update

    oh ok
  18. Murasaki

    Do you ever wish you could just reach through t…

    I think its actually the opposite LOL.
  19. Murasaki

    Do you ever wish you could just reach through t…

    Too many times.
  20. Murasaki

    Status Update

    oh og
  21. Somebody once told me, bad times were now upon us. MSRP is a myth. They were looking for a deal, the prices seemed unreal. Another thread you have to bear with.
  22. Murasaki

    When you need a mask but all you have are album…

    I am speechless.
  23. If your case has a PSU shroud - leave the PSU hanging out so you have space to plug in cables and manage, only after you're done screw it in. I learned that the hard way.