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  1. I don't understand how something like this could overheat. Its only streaming data. Not exactly an intense thing to do, my phone doesn't get hot when I stream Netflix to it.... But again this is a Google product so honestly i'd not be surprised.
  2. LGR and The 8 Bit Guy would be proud of your collection of retro PC's

    1. BrianTheElectrician


      I hope so, definitely interested in theirs! Haven't watched that much of the 8 bit guy but getting there. Watch a lot of LGR though!

  3. Until America starts using Chip and PIN it's not secure.
  4. I actually went through my HDDs yesterday to clear up some space and GTA V was one of the games I deleted. Haven't played it for ages.
  5. When I was a kid I didn't have a mobile phone at school. Had no need for one. I don't see why a child needs to stay in touch, they're at school to learn not stay in touch. Kids don't need mobile phones, at a stretch I'd say maybe yes in 2nd school/high school if kids are travelling to and from school by themselves but not kids who are at primary school.
  6. This is impressive and now that Destiny is moving to Steam even more reason to switch.
  7. Guess I'll believe it when it happens. I mean everyone had doubts about Ryzen and now look at that.
  8. Bold claims. My ASUS Tuf board started making odd sounds after about 6 months of use. My MSI board has been fine since I replaced the ASUS board with no issues, not to mention a better colour scheme.
  9. Honestly I'm very happy with 4G. I hope that when 5G gets switched on it increases the available bandwidth for 4G as a result so I get more reliable speeds. My 100GBs of 4G data is perfect and I wouldn't trade that for a 5G contract anytime soon/in the future.
  10. Tbh I'm not even surprised. Amazon and Google are some of the biggest companies in the world, you'd have to be so naive to be shocked by something like this. Obviously this doesn't mean it's okay, but realistically is there anything we can do about this? Governments and agencies that fine companies that do this don't fine them enough and they just keep doing it. "oh you breached our data law, we'll fine you 10 mill. Don't do it again!" Google: "Lol okay" Meanwhile they've just made back that money 20 times over in the span of a couple hours.
  11. I bought my Topping D50 for less and the specs are better.
  12. Always found this a bit strange as you would assume undervolting would cause instability when the clocks increase. Guess not.