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  1. sof006

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    This intrigues me. Lets hope Intel can spice up the GPU market. Give Nvidia a run for its money.
  2. Yes but if you want to make sales to general public then changes need to be made. Chrome OS just isn't up to par.
  3. Chrome OS doesn't do half of what windows does and costs the same as a Windows laptop. That's the issue Google. People buy a chrome book only to find it doesn't do what they expected and return it. Make chrome OS function more like Linux/Windows and you'll sell them better.
  4. Because funnily enough.. Nintendo doesn't see gamers as walking money bags. They actually care about the games they push out and delay their games if they aren't to a certain standard. Nintendo will always be one of the most respected companies in my eyes, despite some of the questionable stuff they do at times.
  5. Same here. Linus, jayztwocents, gamers nexus etc
  6. Who the hell still uses Skype? Its gross.
  7. You can reinstall your OS. You can go to Sony website and download the system recovery image and it'll reinstall the OS from a USB. Done this multiple times on PS4s/PS3s
  8. Jeeezus. Talk about literal overkill.
  9. Exactly, kind of like a chat bot on twitch. Filters out stuff like ASCII text etc
  10. Force of habit. I tend to install Winrar because it's the first one I used and first one I think of so it's my default. Just like Chrome is my default browser of choice despite Firefox or Opera being a thing.
  11. They still need to penalize the people who are doing these false content/copyright claims otherwise people will continue to do it.
  12. I'd under if the children were taught about the history of Apples products. How they began and what made them who they are today, or maybe teach them how the products are made. Perhaps even show them the room where repairs are done. But purely to brainwash the children into purchasing Apple products is messed up.
  13. This is happening a lot and with increasing frequency. Who is actually behind it? Does anyone know anymore?