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  1. What happens if I run out of RAM on my Mac? I really need to upgrade my Final Cut Pro X editing workstation, and therefore I'm looking to buy the new Mac mini with the M1 chip. However, I need this new computer quickly, and the 16 GB RAM model won't be ship to Sweden until early January. But they have the 8 GB RAM model in stock at the nearby Apple Store. Therefore, I'm thinking of buying that model and work on that until January. I checked Activity Control and I found that I'm usually using 7-10 GB of RAM when using FCPX. Since I sometimes use more RAM than 8 GB, what will happen
  2. I'm currently choosing between iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 5. Both costs around 750 USD here in Sweden. I use both iPhones and Android phones and have no preference when it comes to iOS and Android. I'm planning to use this phone for the next 4 years or so. Which one do you think has a better battery life, and which one has a better camera?
  3. Are there any good stock, pure and clean Android phones beside the Google Pixel?
  4. I’m looking for free multiplayer/co-op horror games on Steam to play with friends during the pandemic. Any suggestions? (Very cheap games are also welcomed as suggestions, but free is preferred).
  5. Should I buy the Oculus Quest 2 or the Oculus Rift S? In my country, they’re both the same price. I will most likely primarily connect the headset to my computer and play VR Games from Steam. Note: my computer is an Asus G14 laptop with the highest specs, so I won’t be able to connect any headset directly to the GPU.
  6. For macOS, there's a great app called AppCleaner that also removes all the associated files for an app when you move the main software file to the trash. I'm new to Windows, and I guess that Windows doesn't automatically delete all traces of an app when you click "Uninstall" from the Windows Start Menu. How do I easily and completely remove a program from Windows?
  7. What are your thoughts on IKEA’s new USB charger “ÅSKSTORM”?: https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/p/askstorm-40w-usb-laddare-moerkgra-50461193/ Also, do you think it is a good idea to buy their USB-C cables (and use it for charging and data transfer between my phone and computer)?: https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/p/lillhult-usb-typ-c-till-usb-kabel-svart-vit-90464806/ From what I’ve heard, IKEA’s chargers and cables scores very good on teardowns. The only thing that worries me somewhat is that the charger and the cables are very cheap, almost too cheap...
  8. I’m thinking of buying an A71 and switch over from my Galaxy S8. I want to transfer all apps, photos and videos, and settings. Can I use Smart Switch to achieve this? It’s unclear if Smart Switch will work from a Galaxy device to a A-series device.
  9. I will use LibreOffice since that's the one that most people recommend.
  10. How do I view Word (.docx) files in Windows 10 when I don't have Word installed? Are there any free alternatives? I had hoped that QuickLook (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/quicklook/9nv4bs3l1h4s) would work but unfortunately, it didn't...
  11. Figured it out! I just downloaded and ran this program: https://realtek-download.com/download-hd/ and it worked. The drivers from Asus' website didn't work, but this did.
  12. I respectfully disagree @jaslion, well, kind of... I agree that first gen products are more prone to failure, however, I don't believe something as simple as wanting your audio to work on your 27000 US-dollar laptop is a too demanding request. I apologize for being frustrated that I have to deal with a problem like this when I have spent that amount of money. I believe Asus' quality control is the problem here, if anything... Just imagine if they would do this with vehicles, like planes. Imagine sitting in the plane on your way to Mallorca and hearing the pilot announce: "Ladies an