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  1. I had to get another keyboard for my laptop and just received the replacement keyboard today. When i unboxed, i noticed the corner of the keyboard was bent. Not extremely bad, but bad enough to notice. So i bent it back into place seeing as the keyboard is floppy and bendable anyway and nothing looked cracked. Only problem was the Numpad Enter key was uneven. So thinking nothing of it i plug it into my laptop and assemble it back together and boot windows and lights worked and was able to change colors. But then soon found out that certain keys wouldn't work. So i restart and when it booted ag
  2. Lmao well today, its at normal again. By normal i mean not running at 1.20 ghz (normal being 2-3 ghz)...Can anyone explain that?! Idk how long it was at that low speed for yesterday, id say maybe a few hours since i had it on all day, but was afk for few hours and didnt start gaming until late in the day at like 8pm or so when i noticed the slow speed. idk, ill see what it does later today.
  3. So i CAN upgrade then? I thought that dude was lying for a sec lol. Also, i did a little more research and ppl were saying you gotta get a triple pipe heat sink for the Intel Core i7-3940XM. Man, those are expensive lol. Do i have to get another type of fan too or is the one i have good enough? Cant find anything on fans. Do i have to upgrade my GPU also? Like, would the GPU be able to keep up with the Intel Core i7-3940XM? Sorry if these are dumb questions as i've obviously never upgraded these parts before...only hdds and other similar parts.
  4. So what does this, https://www.dell.com/community/Alienware-General-Read-Only/Alienware-M18X-R2-Upgrade-CPU-Intel-Core-i7-3630QM/td-p/5520051, mean?
  5. My CPU is on the brink since its old and its bottlenecking my gaming performance at 1.20 ghz, so i gotta get another one. I want to upgrade it to the highest one for my machine which is Intel Core i7-3940XM (from what ive researched). Now, if i do this, do i have to have a different cooling system? Like different heatsink, fan etc? And do i have to upgrade my GPU as well? Luckily their considerably cheap so im happy with that at least. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M PSU: 240w Battery: 6600mAh BIOS: Alienware A14
  6. I dont want to use any kind adhesive or any kind of liquid so velcro (i have used velcro in the past, and it does work good but my laptops so heavy it pulls down the velcro over time), putty, super glue or cement is out of the question...Needs to be something like a plastic buckle. Also I misworded my laptop part, its really the under case and not back cover. I added a pic of what i want to elaborate more. I basically want something on that under case that can connect it to the stand so that my laptop is connected to the stand and so that its easier to remove the laptop from the stand when i h
  7. Hello all. I couldnt find a great place to set this, so if moderators see this and its in the wrong area, im sorry. Anyway. I want to modify my laptops stand to where its permanently attached to the laptops bottom case. Believe it or not my laptop stand is actually just a office wall filer lol..and a heavy duty one at that. I have a system where i just have bolts going from the bottom case into the holes of the filer and i have a nut tightening it under the filer hole. It was a...makeshift approach to say the least but Its not practical though because its hard to undue everything when i want t
  8. Yes! That is how install windows when i have to. I mean, if i REALLY have to, i will do that. I just want to see if anyone else has an idea that doesnt involve a flash drive. Like something i can change via Bios or command prompt, uk? But hey, luckily i got tons of flash drives! lol. Thank you for that idea.
  9. Before anything, here's my specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M PSU: 240w Battery: 6600mAh BIOS: Alienware A14 Bit: 64bit HDD: Kingston SSD 120GB (Connected via Optical Drive Caddy. ill explain why in a moment) Ram: 24GB DDR3 OS: Windows 10 Enterprise Hello all. So, my laptop had this issue where the clip/latch that connects the HDD cable to the motherboard had broke, so i had ordered a new latch/clip. When the part arrived, i put it on, put everything back together, and turned on my machine. When i got passe
  10. Ok, so i received my SSD today around 120gbs, and it turn out that it WAS the HDD that was bottlenecking my performance! I...I cant believe it lol...all of this time, like since April, it was that HDD the WHOLE TIME! Kinda happy and angry at the same time since i wish i knew way back when since it was right under my nose this whole time. So should i get a bigger SSD? 1TB maybe? Anyway, Thank you everyone for helping or trying to help! i appreciate it!
  11. Update: Upon further gaming, i noticed when i would interact with quest givers, the mouth would move and the subtitles would show but the sound of the voice would be couple seconds late. When this happened i noticed the HDD usage would spike up to 100 again for as long as the delay was there and neither CPU nor GPU would dip like they would when say i Kill a zombie or run. i THINK im about ready to call this a HDD issue. Luckly i ordered a SSD yesterday so hopefully that dos the trick lol.
  12. I'll still go to the tech store at some point in time and see what they got, if its cheap enough ill get it and guess i can use a better Wireless card anyway lol. My brother thought the same thing too. That its the HDD. Especially when i told him it spiked to 100% everytime it lagged. Maybe the program is outdated or something. Seemed kinda old. But i think im going to try that option too, since im kinda thinking it might be that too.
  13. I was using Windows 7 when the lag started though. I upgraded around September i think. I will say though the lag was worse with Windows 7 lol. I want to try your suggestion but like, what if it aint that, you know? Maybe i can see if my local tech store has that Wireless card or something better than mine and see if it works.
  14. I couldnt find a good way to stress test CPU, so i gamed for 20 mins and had MSI afterburner and Core Temp on and noticed that the GPU Temp would stay at 55c and when lags it would go down to 50c and then go back up to 55c after lag. Never going higher than 55c. The CPU was harder to tell, but Core 0 was the warmest ranging from 40-50max. And Cores 1-3 would be from mid 30s-mid 40s max never hitting 50 like 0 did. Also, did notice that the power would go from 14w to 7w when lag happened. Idk if that is relevant but seemed strange to me.
  15. Hello all, I have a Dell Alienware M18x R2, which is about 8 yrs in service with not too heavy gaming (Game i usually play is from 2011, so its not too graphically demanding) (Only until late 2019-April 2020 where it was sorta heavier gaming), and around April i've noticed performance issues. It seems to be lagging during gaming. The game itself will be fine for like 5 mins and then the lagging would happen. The lagging would be for about like second or two and then resume back to normal. So i researched why this might occur and seen issues like GPU throttling or CPU Throttling, so i windowed