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About pierom_qwerty

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    Previously ImplosiveTech
  • Birthday 2003-01-29

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    pm me for it. i have 2(3)
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    ecks boxks ees beeterr
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    CAD, 3D Printing, male
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    Trying to get a CAD job.


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    Intel Atom x7-Z8700
  • Motherboard
    Integraterd Surface 3 Motherboard
  • RAM
    4096 MB DDR3L
  • GPU
    Integrated Intel Graphics
  • Case
    Surface 3
  • Storage
    64GB SSD
  • PSU
    2.5A Charger yeeted
  • Display(s)
    Surface 3 Screen
  • Cooling
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    Surface 3 Keyboard
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    Aple Earbuds
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 P R O
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  1. pierom_qwerty

    Good "Starting" Mechanical Keyboard

    Hello all! I am doing my first PC build soon, and I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good $100 mechanical keyboard, and a good $60 keyboard. I am asking for both because I may need to cut my budget a bit, and want to keep my options open. Thank you!
  2. pierom_qwerty

    800 USD Gaming Build

    Thank you bigg dawgg
  3. pierom_qwerty

    800 USD Gaming Build

    Hey all! Ive been on this forum for quite some time, and I believe the time has come for me to build a pc. My budget is $800 for now, and some things which id prefer are below: CPU and Mobo > Ryzen 5 or Core i5 > Non OC but OC capable mobo > > Allows for me to upgrade later to an OC capable CPU while not having to sell and buy a new mobo > ATX or EATX mobo RAM > 16GB, preferrably in a 2 x 8GB configuration GPU > 1060 6gb > RX 570 > 1660ti Storage > 128 or 256 gb ssd > already have HDDs, but please add a 1 or 2tb wd blue if in budget PSU > pls no bomb thank you Case > preferrably black with a window if possible > ATX or EATX Thank you all for your input!
  4. I have a friend that wants a server, (im not sure what the use is for) and he wants this PSU: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/2Vprxr/apevia-raptor-450-w-atx-power-supply-atx-rp450w This immediate set off alarm bells in my head because: I've never even heard of Apevia. This isn't even 80+ (NOTHING) It's a bomb already, but in a server, thats straight suicide. Could somebody confirm this for me? Thank you!
  5. wow my ADD is actually being treated, turns out CS:GO is easier than I thought

  6. sorry honey, but you post an average of 1.58076923077 times a day on LTT, excluding status updates and posts/replies in off topic. last time i checked, thats not 5 minutes a month
  7. pierom_qwerty

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Starting custom LTT API for automatic responses Banned for unapproved AI, and for banning friend
  8. pierom_qwerty

    LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for banning my friend also, saw is unbanned
  9. pierom_qwerty

    LTT forum "banning" game

    @OrbitalBuzzsawunbanned bcuz fren UwU
  10. pierom_qwerty

    5v fan headers - why?

    all they're doing is tapping into the 5v and 12v rails of the molex connector. idk what fans are powered by 5v, but thats the power which the molex connector can provide
  11. Any examples are appreciated. Its for a project.

  12. Hello all, I am currently working on a project for engineering, and we have to research how companies operate. With this project, we have to make a product, and an accompanying manual and warranty. Generally, what would have to go wrong with a laptop for just a part replacement, and what would need to happen in the case of a full laptop replacement. Thanks for your help! Also, if you were wondering, my 'product' is just a small laptop powered by a rasberry pi.