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    Fangirling over Yung Gravy
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    The Glorious State Of Wisconsin
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    Gaming on the low end, High end phones, Ryzen Mobile, Cars, Tesla's, Youth Sauce Etc
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    Hey Alexa, Hey Alexa, How many bitches can we fit in the Tesla?-Yung Gravy
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    R5 2500U(25W)/A6 3650
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    HP OEM x2
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    12 GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400 Mhz/8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
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    Vega 8 Mobile/HD 6530D (Crimson Beta 16.2.1 Drivers)
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    Envy X360/Prebuilt Tower
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    250 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Evo SSD, 1 TB WD Blue/ 128 GB Kingston SSD, 1 TB WD Blue
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    58.9 Wh Battery, 65W Charger/EVGA 450W BT
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    1080p IPS Internal/HP 2311xi
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    Aukey KM-G7 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    JBL Xtreme(1st Gen), AudioTechnica AR3BT
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. AMD's dinamic res tech is increbible. Like holy crap something like Crysis 3 was able to mantain 30-40 FPS in areas where it normally dips to low 20's. Cant wait to try it out in GTA Online 

  2. If you feel decently confident in yourself repasting the heatsink will drop temps 10C
  3. GTA Online in general recently has been super unstable. There isnt much you can do so just hope R* releases performance patches for the Casino Heist DLC
  4. So I was kinda talking with someone about how the PS Vita got absolutely crapped on and personally I feel the Switch Lite is what the Vita could have been

    1. handymanshandle


      See, it's largely Sony's fault that the Vita tanked like hell over here. It had some quality ports and original games (Most Wanted 2012 on the Vita, anyone?) but Sony absolutely fucked it by barely promoting it and, uh, M E M O R Y S T I C K S.

    2. Silentprototipe


      Oof the memory cards. Hey were sony and we can rip you off. Also the fact that it had 512 Mb of RAM was a poor decision that BL2 on Vita showed hardcore 

    3. handymanshandle


      Eh, its RAM wasn't terrible for the time. For what it was worth, the 3DS had a far more anemic RAM setup. The Vita had 512MB of system RAM and 128MB of VRAM, if memory serves. That was quite a bit more than the setup on the Xbox 360 all-around (512MB of shared RAM between the CPU and GPU) and the PS3 system-wise (256MB of system RAM and 256MB of VRAM).

  5. Welp, I guess its about time I go job hunting again. 

    1. germgoatz


      same i need to fuel my crack addiction

    2. TopHatProductions115
  6. Great, I got salmonella poisoning 

    1. Pascal...


      I'm sorry to hear that, get well soon!

    2. D.U.F.F.
  7. You know id love to make a joke about how I never get sleep but its kinda hard to do that with the excruciating pain in my stomach 

    1. Pascal...


      Is stomach ache the reason why you don't get a lot of sleep ? You should probably go see a doctor at this point.

    2. TopHatProductions115


      *sad nep noises*

  8. Nope, 2021 probably and 2022 is a solid bet for them to be back
  9. I want some of that Youth Sauce 


  10. My Envy has been giving me the death stare ever since the Switch has been a thing :/. Thing just turns on randomly at night 



  11. Sweet mother of christ, Either that guy won a huge amount of money or is just dumb
  12. I remember when I used to laugh at the Switch for its Tegra X1 chip when my S9 at the time could bully the Tegra. Year later I end up owning a Switch :P 

  13. The only thing limiting you would be either your choice of dedicated GPU or if your gonna use the IGPU the number of ports on the motherboard you choose