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  1. Did you access the mobile site from a phone?
  2. As the title says, 5% discount on everything with this promo code (MUST BE REDEEMED VIA MOBILE APP OR M.NEWEGG.COM). MBLNEZY29 Cannot be combined with other promo codes. Valid until 9:59pm PT on 2/9/2017.
  3. $159.99 for an RX 480 AND there's an additional $20 rebate, if you're on a tight budget then this is definitely the card to buy. Keep in mind that it is a single fan non-reference design so it'll probably run hotter than most other variants. (AFAIK expires at the end of the day February 6th PST, supplies probably won't last that long though.)
  4. It's definitely a deal but nowhere near as good as newegg makes it out to be. @just tilt if it makes you feel better this is ~$20 off, it's usually ~$120.
  5. There were posts on reddit claiming that people successfully purchased it for $145.
  6. In the February catalogue they listed the WD blue 1TB SSD which is regularly ~$260 for $145.99 (15 ¢/GB), this is most likely a mistake but they tend to honor the price when they make an erroneous listing. In order to purchase it for this price you'll need to show them the listing in the catalogue as the price on the product page will not reflect the price on the catalogue. You may have to wait until February to make use of this. Here's a screenshot of the catalogue page in case they update it. YMMV EDIT: They've since updated the catalogue.
  7. @peej @Ostwind @JackHubbleday @Kierax On the wan show linus said that the prototype with hinged displays was a mock-up, the prototype with the displays that slid out was a working model. https://clips.twitch.tv/linustech/KindSkunkDansGame
  8. In order to stream above 720p on Windows you must be on Windows 8/10 and using IE/Edge or the Netflix app; alternatively you can also stream in 1080p on OSX with Safari. The Netflix app, unless also updated, can only stream content up to 1080p, though it does have improved audio AFAIK.
  9. Have their been any rumours pertaining to the Zen APU release date; IIRC it was supposed to be released early 2017, but I guess it'll be delayed since the Zen CPU was delayed from late 2016 to early 2017?
  10. I've tried all browsers, Windows 7 doesn't get 1080p. When I checked a little over a year ago it went up to ~3000KB/s (their higher tier 720p), it now only goes up to ~2200KB/s (their lower tier 720p). AFAIK you need to be on Windows 8/10 and using IE, Edge, or the Netflix App to get 1080p (~4000-6000KB/s); you can also get 1080p on OS X with Safari.
  11. Forget 4k, you don't even get 1080p without Windows 10.
  12. What do you mean, 200 watts max TDP on the SFF (vs. the 500 watt TDP limit on the ATX tower) sounds perfectly reasonable? It'll obviously have less impressive specs, something like a 6700T and a GTX 1060 (maybe a 1070), but I don't think it'll have any issues cooling them.
  13. @Ryan_Vickers There was a post about two more a while back, you commented on it .
  14. https://www.freewordcentre.com/explore/daesh-isis-media-alice-guthrie
  15. The site is broken for me, was hoping that others could check if it's also broken for them. It usually looks like this but right now it looks as if I'm using a script blocker
  16. Click on any of those documents, it'll lead to this.
  17. Yeah, idk why everyone is making a big deal out of this now. I made a post around a year ago trying to get people to check what bitrates they get on different Operating Systems, browsers, as well as the app when I'd realized that it was impossible to get above 720p on Windows 7, and I'm sure I wasn't the first to notice that.
  18. If you buy it through an e-commerce site like Newegg that has no store in your state then there's no tax (unless you happen to live in one of the less than 10 states that require tax regardless).