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    R5 2400G
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    ASRock A300M-STX
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    G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4-2800 16GB
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    AMD R9 290 Sapphire Tri-X OC (The Titadeon), currently R9 Nano
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    128GB Plextor M6S SSD, 2TB Seagate thing
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    A mix
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    Samsung C32F391
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    AMD Wraith Spire
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    Custom maybe
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    Logitech MX Master 3
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    Headphones (Hifiman Sundara balanced through a Fiio Q1ii, others)
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    Windows 10
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    Asus FX505DT
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    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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  1. Audeze usually do large planars, with the LCD lineup. The LCD-1, their IEMs, and the Penrose/Mobius are somewhat of exceptions to their standard in terms of design and use case.
  2. I mean if budget is unlimited, then HD800S just for the soundstage and imaging. I've personally not heard them but, that seems to be what they're known for.
  3. - Threads merged. Please, one thread per topic.
  4. You could glue them back together, but that'd add mass to the diaphragm and change the sound. If you don't particularly care about that fact, go ahead, it is possible. If you do, well, you're outta luck unless you can find a replacement driver online.
  5. Need to be of a higher level to unlock the hidden content.
  6. - Thread moved to New Builds and Planning.
  7. - Thread moved to Troubleshooting.
  8. I sleep anytime between 5am and 12pm and wake up between 4pm and 7pm. What do I do? Sit here and do everything I'd normally do during the day, just at night I guess. Whether that be working on projects or not doing much at all.
  9. The E25, if unchanged from when I last played, is a DPS monster with its RoF despite the low alpha. If you can use bushes properly with the E25 and you've a good crew and equipment you'll be able to sit, unspotted, for long periods of time and rack up plenty of damage. Provided, that you have the skill to use the tank to its advantages.
  10. With Boston Dynamic's latest video this future is one that genuinely might happen. I look forward to it. I think it'll be more of the just the same. Graphics card launches towards the end of the year with scalpers of course, a CPU announcement, a tech factory burning down, all that. Perhaps some new battery tech gets discovered by university students and then immediately they disappear into the abyss, a new set of headphones comes out just after I buy myself something, giving me buyer's remorse, and also something related to flying.
  11. I own an NW-800 and a UMC22, and I can confirm that the microphone sounds a little better with the phantom power, but the main improvement was just, the increase in volume. If that's all OP is going for, it's a decent little setup considering the money this pair can be bought for.
  12. - Thread moved to the Custom Loop and Exotic Cooling subforum.
  13. 2018. Mi Mix 3 that has a battery life measurable on one hand.