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  1. To put that into perspective: this is all due to his stock holdings, he barely has any cash and sometimes takes loans out to cover his living expenses.
  2. Is there even a point running beta software nowadays? I stopped caring about which version of Android I have a long time ago: all the features I might need are already there Running Windows LTSC on my main computer has been the best decision I've made in years.
  3. If they are really that hard to tell apart, maybe Apple should sue OnePlus for infringing on their intellectual property.
  4. Instead of making it impossible to exceed the speed limit, they should use an acceleration pedal where the force needed to accelerate beyond the speed limit rises exponentially. This would make it physically painful to exceed the speed limit, but would allow it for short periods of time (overtaking another car or taking your sick mother to the hospital)
  5. I don't buy phones without headphone jacks Only my Samsung and LG left (maybe Pocophones will keep them too?)
  6. This was surprisingy insightful, thanks for the great video. For people who absolutely want a MacBook, what would you recommand? Spare some money and get the one with the most low-end processor?
  7. I was just pointing out that requiring an .edu email address is a good way to prevent underage kids of joining the app.
  8. A lot of 16 year old girls pretend to be 18 and can be found on Tinder. All in all this Tinder U idea seems good.
  9. Text already seems small on my 23" 1080p display, if I want an equivalent DPI on a bigger monitor, what should I aim at? 1440p on a 30" monitor?
  10. TBH I don't care much about RAID-0, all I want is that all my storage is listed as a single C drive... What happenss if I merge my two SSDs with the Storage Spaces feature creating a single space? It seems like all "data" is erased during this process, but what does that mean? Only files or my whole operating system?
  11. It seems that RAID-0 is supported https://ark.intel.com/products/89187/Intel-NUC-Kit-NUC6i7KYK Can I enable RAID-0 and still keep my current data after I install the second drive?
  12. I bought a Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SATA Solid State Drive for my Intel NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK two years ago and would like to add some storage by adding a second SSD. I can get a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB M.2 for about 123€. Is it possible to get 1 TB of storage in RAID 0 even if the model numbers are different? How should I configure my BIOS to achieve this?
  13. Every one of these big Windows updates breaks my laptop's touchpad I have to reinstall the WXindows 8.1 drivers from the manufacturers webiste every time I's a fucking joke
  14. Sounds nice! When can we expect the first reviews? I'll get my own place soon and this would be a great first build for me, especially since I don't game that much anymore anyway.
  15. I haven't been following AMD recently, can someone give me some info about these APUs? How do they compare to the rest of the line-up? Is the iGPU any good? I will probably to do a hyper budget build this summer.