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  1. @redteam4ever Thanks a lot.This clear things up a lot.
  2. @mariushm Thank you for the informative reply. So driver control the resources of the GPU (ram, shader, cu etc.) and get instruction from software what need to be shown. Driver come up with how to actually accomplish said requests by arranging the resources it has. Then translate the instructions into hardware languages using one of the APIs, for GPU to actually do the work. Am I getting it right?
  3. Ya so I say they are apples to apples. so we have 3 layers, GPU, API and driver. Driver interact with software (3d object), then API interact with driver and GPU? When I want to GPU to do something, I have to first tells the driver, then driver tells GPU using API?
  4. So I know openGL, Vulkan and driectX are apples to apples, and then there is GPU driver. But what is the functions for each of them? Can someone walk me through how, for example, a 3D object is drawn onto the screen and how openGL/directX/Vulkan and GPU driver's helped in the process? Much Thanks!
  5. On a side note, I would choose a proper dashboard over a all glass roof for Model 3 and Model Y. Anyone agree?
  6. Where i think EV shines is short city trips. They are clean, less noise, and range concern is no issue. For long haul transportation, i would choose ICE over EV anytime of the day. On the other hand, ICE does not come without any issue when they were first introduced. It's take decades and thousands of engineers hard work to get it to what they are rn. I just hope vendors can put as much attention to EV as to ICE and make the design to perfection, so EV can get affordable and reliable. 1mil of produced Tesla is a milestone to Tesla, but also shows how EV industry is NOT m
  7. If gaming is the main use of this computer 16Gb is all you need get 3000mhz cl16 or 3200mhz cl18. either 580 or 1060 is just okay for now. Don't expect ultra quality 60hz with the new AAA games.
  8. RN i am paying $41 canadian rupees for 4GB of data, unlimited call/text Canadian pays a lot more for a lot less of mobile services, that's a fact. Partly the reason is population distribution is really sparse (around big cities), so for ppl that lives in relatively isolated area to get mobile service, everyone will have to pay a bit more to average down the cost. The three ISPs have a large ground to cover, but with a really small user base. I was shocked that Canada only have 37Million population. Thats crazy low consider the land we have here. Does this totally justify the abs
  9. I remember that I read it from somewhere, but after a google search that actually is me talking ***t out of my mouth... Thank you for point that out. Ya... I know the answer to my outrage questions. Apple have small line of product, they have in house chipset design, and way more market share, plus the profit from software. I was just furious that other vandors only copy the bad stuff but never actually improve their competitive position by trying to copy the good stuff. Hence they will always be the loser in the competition. I guess samsung at least is trying to copy the good s
  10. Can you clarify? What I know is Google enforce two year update to vendors, after that vendors can choose to drop the update or keep at it. the hard limit you mentioned is from peer competition? How is google's model encourage buy a new phone? edit: This turns out to be wrong statement after a google search.
  11. why can't company copy the good side of Apple?! Apple removed headphone, so they did. Apple gives the ugly big-ass forehead, so they did, Apple raised phone price above 1000 so they did. But Apple also gives 5 years software support, where are you god damn phone makers copying stuff huh?! fking losers that bash on Apples with those Ads and then eat their own wards and being even worse. I hate the smartphone industry now. Sry for the outrage. Fellow community members.
  12. Am I angry, yes, is it gonna make me start researching every company that I buy product from if they are using forced labor, probly not. That's the harsh truth of the society now. heck, not all of the Canadians are standing up asking Tim hortons to raise their minimum wage on their workers, let alone ppl in other country that they dont interact with everyday. Damn human beings are doomed.
  13. Thats because it's older model. i think start from either mate30 or p40 they lose google service. All the previous models will still have it.
  14. Every company collect data on you. so it doesnt matter. However, since huawei phone now dont have google services anymore, I would not use them. I prefer to have google maps/youtube/gmail without any hassle (heard they can be sideloaded). All the spy things ppl are talking about is not really their phone. it's their communication hardware, such as the equipment in base stations and servers. Huawei watch on the other hand is okay. As long as they have good functionality and battery life i would consider them. I will need a smart watch that can at least last 6-7 days. I d
  15. i paid full price of a office 2010 for a mac air, which i end up not liking the OS so stopped using it and I have a pc at home. money so wasted.