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  1. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    Kyle's reporting on GPP, telling the public that GPP is bad for them, is what the negative public sentiment about it boiled up from. Kyle reported he was being fully sanctioned from Nvidia communication and benefits after his reporting on GPP. The next successful contact he had with Nvidia was when he, reaching out to Nvidia about the RTX program, was offered the new NDA to sign to be able to receive a review sample from them.
  2. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    Kyle has posted the following in his thread for HOCP's review: It looks to me this new Nvidia NDA and review controversy is an extension of his battle against Nvidia's GPP. Kyle was given the chance to benefit as an individual from being off of Nvidia's blacklist by accepting the new NDA but he decided to take another principled stand against Nvidia's practices that affect the integrity of the industry and customer informedness.
  3. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    His forum members, his legal counsel, and his own judgment. Remember, Kyle of HOCP is who broke the GeForce Partner Program story and his reporting on GPP is what led to Nvidia dropping it. And Kyle paid a price for that, in that Nvidia blacklisted him, refused to send him any review samples and stopped responding to all of his messages asking Nvidia for comment and clarification on various news subjects. Nvidia probably also stopped inviting him to Nvidia events. If he was someone just looking to game things for clicks and benefit of his site and profits, he would never have done his work fiercely condemning GPP. He also likely would have signed Nvidia's new NDA after they offered him the chance, rather than criticizing it on his site and letting the forum members vote on whether he should submit to it. I see his work against GPP and his release of a 2XXX GPU review outside of NDA parameters as showing a principled consistency. And, even if Kyle released his review outside of NDA guidelines exclusively for the sake of clicks, which I don't believe he did, that wouldn't counter the value of the service he did for the tech community and customers in taking on and bringing down Nvidia's GPP.
  4. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    Reviewers should work together to deal with over-reaching NDAs and a solution that everybody is able to agree upon is ideal. However, to adhere to the NDA even while not signing it doesn't move anything forward and gives the NDA publisher exactly what they want and creates no stimulus for change. Not doing anything different results in things staying the same. Also, reviews aren't just for the reviewers. They're for the people thinking about buying something. And since pre-orders are already open for these GPUs, there should also be reviews available so that there's something for people to base their decision of whether to pre-order on. Thinking outside the community of reviewers, H OCP isn't just catering to themselves, they're doing a tangible practical service for potential purchasers of these GPUs, which is a major part of what reviews are about. I certainly think that reviewers should work out a solution together. But, if H OCP didn't do something like this, then nobody would see a need to talk about NDAs and how to handle them. And, I think that some people are only looking at the matter from the perspective of tech review culture and community fandom, and missing the practical part of reviews which is very relevant to a lot of people that aren't immersed in online tech communities.
  5. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    Hard OCP didn't sign the NDA, so they aren't a part of Nvidia's review regime ranks to be breaking them. H also didn't get the benefits of signing an NDA, so why should they forgo the benefits of not signing an NDA? Those who sign have their benefits and downsides, while those who don't have theirs. It's a choice. Hard OCP also made a forum poll on whether they should sign Nvidia's NDA or not. In choosing to not sign it and not be a part of what the site owner views as a totalitarian review regime, H OCP is also taking a stand against that review regime.
  6. Delicieuxz

    [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review

    I don't think so. Reviewers have a choice of whether to sign an NDA that restricts their review release date in exchange for getting a free sample from Nvidia. Those who chose to sign the NDA got what they chose: A free review sample and the restriction that comes with it. Reviewers that chose to not sign the NDA had to source a GPU from other means, probably paying for it out of their own pocket, but aren't subject to Nvidia's review release restriction. Is it a jerk move that those who chose to not sign the NDA don't get a free review sample? That's part of the package. And a person chooses to not sign an NDA specifically to not be bound by Nvidia's terms - which include Nvidia's review release restrictions.
  7. Delicieuxz

    Windows 10 update bricked my pc

    Windows 10 updates have bricked my Windows 10 OS twice before, and cause other significant problems at other time. It's always a risk when installing a new Windows 10 update since Microsoft has fired their testing engineer staff and now rely on Windows owners being the beta testers for their products. That's a reason why it's a good idea to disable Windows Update. This guide shows how Windows Update can be disabled:
  8. There's coordinated censorship happening right now across the social media giants. It's 1984 manifest as reality, with Facebook, Google, and Twitter working towards making CIA propaganda the only (dis)information available on their sites.
  9. This was posted on Hard OCP forum. Why Microsoft may be relinquishing billions in Android patent royalties
  10. You should take a look at methods 4 - 10 in that guide, which I'm guessing will work for Windows 10 Home. If it comes down to it, remove (or temporarily move elsewhere) the files mentioned in Method 10 and Windows Update won't be able to run on your PC anymore.
  11. So, the prelude here is that the Windows 10 photo viewer sucks. It has sucked since the release of Windows 10, and although it got a bit better with Windows 10 1703 where it received some needed tweaks, it still sucks, a lot, being a significant downgrade in functionality and digital ergonomics from the Windows 7 photo viewer (which is hard to do), while also being massively slower than the Windows 7 photo viewer (how does that work?). So, what if there was a parallel universe where Microsoft evolved and refined the Windows 7 photo viewer in ways that suggested lessons had been learned between the releases of Windows 7 and 10, rather than forgotten? Well, that parallel universe would probably have something like ImageGlass. And thanks to @BlackJackTheRipper for mentioning it in his thread about Windows 10 LTSB. ImageGlass is a free lightweight photo viewer that has all the features of the Windows 7 / 10 photo viewers, but with additional ones, and also lots of smart user-friendly customization options. The website downloading ImageGlass is https://imageglass.org/ The benefits I've found to ImageGlass over the stock Windows 10 photo viewer include: - it loads a bit faster, and performs some editing actions, such as rotating an image, a lot faster - the layout is cleaner and more convenient (it's previous / next image buttons aren't obnoxiously slammed to the opposite sides of the screen) - the tools are more useful. For example, the zoom in and out tool has greater min max limits, and there are both rotate-left and rotate-right buttons - its toolbar is customizable and lets you choose which icons to display and also which order they appear in - it has a visual theme editor and stock dark and light themes to choose from - it has very useful configuration options, such as choosing what the scroll-wheel does, whether an image's rotated state is automatically saved, and what program should open if you right-click an image in ImageGlass and choose Edit - it probably isn't harvesting personal data from you when you use it One of the things I look for in a photo viewer is BOTH rotate-left and rotate-right buttons *coughs in the direction of the stock Win 10 photo viewer*, and ImageGlass has this. However, with its default settings ImageGlass didn't save the newly-oriented state of an image after I rotated it left or right. I initially thought this was an unfortunate oversight in an otherwise promising photo viewer, but then I looked at the settings options for the program and found that 'save the image after rotating' has a check-box to enable that functionality. It has since been checked. I also noticed that when I zoomed an image in and out in ImageGlass that the image became pixellated and thought maybe smoothing zoomed images might be one thing that the Win 10 photo viewer does better (for casual image viewing) than ImageGlass. But, again, I found an option in ImageGlass' settings for zoom smoothing. I've set ImageGlass' default image editor to Photoshop, so that now any time I right-click on an image I'm viewing in ImageGlass and then choose Edit, Photoshop loads with that image in it ready to be edited. Each different file-type can be set to be opened in a different editor. Importantly, ImageGlass has full-screen and slideshow modes that are separate from each other (something that the Win 10 photo viewer didn't have until 1703). The one thing I wish ImageGlass had that I didn't find a settings option for is smooth-zooming, like the Windows 10 photo viewer has. Instead, ImageGlass zooms in and out in increments, which is pretty normal. I just would like smooth zooming. It's nice. But, other than that, so far, it looks to me like ImageGlass is the perfect basic photo viewer that Microsoft, if they were actually a good company, would have made and included in Windows 10. It's a quality and intelligent refinement over the Windows 7 photo viewer. Here's a preview of some of ImageGlass' settings. Buy today. It's free!
  12. By using the Group Policy editor and setting the Windows Update policy to Disabled. Here's a guide with that and a lot of other methods to disable or change Windows Update's operation in Windows 10.
  13. Delicieuxz

    How can people get Windows 10 LTSC for their home PCs?

    To update the topic, Windows 10 LTSB 2016 upgrades to Windows 10 LTSC 2019. So, an LTSB 2016 license should be the same thing as an LTSC 2019 license. And LTSB 2016 licenses can be bought through eBay and reddit for cheap. Also, I'm not sure that a person requires any license to legally use LTSB / LTSC, because Microsoft has their KMS activation service which perpetually extends the trial period of an Enterprise / LTSC edition of Windows 10 by 180 days each time that it's used. And there are 3rd-party tools that will automatically keep renewing an Enterprise / LTSC edition of Windows 10 indefinitely via KMS so that a person never has to do anything to keep using their copy of Windows 10 Enterprise / LTSC.
  14. Delicieuxz

    Windows 10 LTSB - no more damn updates

    Also, Windows 10 LTSB / LTSC is the idea version of Windows for most situations. It's clean, fast, configurable, tested especially for stability, and upgrades to a newer version only once every 2 - 3 years with those upgrades being entirely optional. It's the version of Windows 10 that everybody was wanting to have. Windows 10 LTSC 2019 is out now. I've already got the download, but am waiting for licenses for it to start being sold on eBay and reddit. Though, I guess that a Windows 10 LTSB 2016 license should work with it, and those can be bought on eBay and reddit for cheap. I'm not sure that a person requires a license to legally use LTSB / LTSC, though. Microsoft has their KMS activation service which perpetually extends the trial period of an Enterprise / LTSC edition of Windows 10 by 180 days. There are 3rd-party tools that will automatically keep renewing an Enterprise / LTSC edition of Windows 10 indefinitely via KMS, so that a person never has to do anything to keep using their copy of Windows 10 Enterprise / LTSC.
  15. Delicieuxz

    Windows 10 LTSB - no more damn updates

    ImageGlass looks like a good replacement photo viewer for the stock one in Windows 10. The stock Windows 10 photo viewer is awful, slow, lacking features, and surely filled with data-thieving malware like everything else Microsoft is making these days. I just installed and tested ImageGlass, and it's super responsive (obviously, it isn't doing hidden tasks in the background like Microsoft's Windows 10 photo viewer), has the features that Microsoft's Win 10 photo viewer is missing, and even has more, like customizable toolbars, and theme editor. It has a good full-screen mode that is separate from its slideshow mode, and it has no obnoxious next and right arrows on top of pictures at diametrically opposite ends of the screen. In ImageGalss, those are are in the toolbar, and right next to each other. In ImageGlass, the mouse scroll-wheel actually zooms in and out of pictures, like it should - faster and to greater maximum in and out extents than the stock Win 10 photo viewer. ImageGlass also has both rotate-left and rotate-right buttons, which respond instantly (the stock Win 10 photo viewer has only a rotate-right button, and it is slow to respond). So far, it looks to me like it's the perfect basic photo viewer that Microsoft, if they were actually a good company, would have made and released. It's a quality refinement over the Windows 7 photo viewer, and much more effective and intelligently-designed than the stock Windows 10 photo viewer. Thanks for sharing it!