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  1. The ISS which is manned by less than a dozen people costs billions a year to run already, I don’t see how a hotel for 400 people could be built in 2 years and not cost the GDP of a small country. I wouldn’t put too much faith in a publication called “hypebeast”.
  2. The way the fans are designed means they stop quite quickly. The 1050 Ti is a more power hungry card, it's normal for it to spin faster than a 730. If temperatures aren't a problem don't worry about it.
  3. What card are you using? It shouldn't affect the lifetime of the fan heavily. Servers operate with fan speeds near the maximum constantly and you don't hear about those breaking all the time.
  4. As long as it’s not conductive or interfering with any spinning fans it will be fine.
  5. If you haven’t used it in a while just check the sources are for Debian buster and not some older version. You can check by reading /etc/apt/sources.list.d/raspi.list (or similar files).
  6. Regardless of how it is done, 70-80% of native performance is nothing to be sneered at. In fact, because of the performance jump it can be faster to run Rosetta programs on the M1 over the x86 chip used before. The M1 Firestorm and Icestorm cores are completely different. This isn't some low end SoC using two sets of 4 A53s for "8 core marketing purposes". The smaller Icestorm cores are already almost as performant as older A72/73 designs. Amazon's Graviton2 (full fat 64 core ARM server processor) would like a word with you:
  7. Since this is partly a micro controller silicon launch (RP2040) with a bunch 3rd party models Arduino will be launching their own copy with this silicon. I wouldn't be surprised if their model has an Arduino compatible pinout.
  8. Theoretically he could image the drives one by one and mount the images. However that requires enough space for the minimum number of drive images as well as space to move the files to a new pool.
  9. Accidents happen and the glass screen protectors offer almost the same feel as the original glass. Plus the resale value should be higher if the display is pristine.
  10. It wouldn’t take much effort on their side since they can just quote iFixit. With batteries being considered disposable items, fragile glass on both sides and phones lasting longer and longer I think it’s fair to factor in the cost of repair.
  11. If you want to spawn in that many blocks you should use a plugin which doesn’t block the main server thread. Something like WorldEdit with the async mode should work nicely. A raspberry pi 3 can spawn millions of blocks using that.
  12. For a reference/blower design R9 290 90+C is completely normal, they ran extremely hot and sounded like a jet engine. However the temperature doesn't seem to affect the cards longevity as AMD rated it for that temperature and my R9 290 is still working 6 years later. I would recommend you reduce the power target and underclock it for general use, -20% for both keeps it in the mid 80s without shredding your ears. Source
  13. Going by the recommended specs the performance you are getting for 1080p high seems normal. Lowering your graphics settings might have you running into some other bottleneck. Are all the cores being loaded equally? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/cyberpunk-2077-system-requirements-official-plus-our-recommendations
  14. It will only encrypt the main linux partition. Manjaro's boot partition (It will need one if it doesn't exist yet) and the Windows installation will remain unencrypted.