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    Intel Core i7 4790K
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    ASRock H97M Pro
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    GSkillz 1600MHz DDR3 16GB (2x8)
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    EVGA GTX 970 (Superclocked)
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    Corsair Vengeance C70
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    Samsung 850 EVO SSD(120GB), WD Blue HDD (1TB), PNY SSD ( 120GB )
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    EVGA Supernova 650 watt
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    Samsung 27" & Sceptre 16"
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    Cooler Master Geminii Ver. 2
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer Tapian
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    Logitech G430 Headset
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. Best OBS settings

    Try H.264 or x264 and see if there's any difference with a bitrate of 4500
  2. OP 5T Release

    New to the market, but should I be worried about picking up one of these phones as soon as possible? This is a great option for me, as its a flagship phone for $500, and I don't want to miss out on it just because I waited too long and it went out of stock.
  3. Best OBS settings

    What encoder are you currently using? H.264, x264, NVENC, etc.
  4. Best OBS settings

    A greater bitrate does not mean greater image quality. 100,000 Mbps bitrate would destroy your storage XD.
  5. Best OBS settings

    Its in the scenes with a lot of movement that it gets kind of fuzzy. I would try upping the bitrate to something between 5,000-10,000 Mbps, and then maybe try a different encoder. What kind of hardware are you running (besides the 1050TI)? Some encoders will be better for different hardware.
  6. New to PC gaming

    I would definitely look for a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti if you can spend a little more money. It's not too much more money while you get a lot more performance.
  7. Currently in an ongoing debate on Reddit concerning the support of Qualcomm SoCs. I believe I watched a video from LTT in which somebody said that Qualcomm only supports their SoCs for two years, which makes updating android phones after two years to newer versions of android a very large chore for the manufacturer. Is this true? If so, could someone point me to a source? Pardon poor phrasing/writing, posting via mobile.
  8. Is this rig worth it?

    Definitely a good deal, I wouldn't think you need to upgrade the GPU unless you play some really demanding games in a resolution higher than 1080p, or at a refresh rate higher than 60Hz.
  9. VR experience

    Get a monitor and a better GPU for the same price, you'll be much happier.
  10. Could you elaborate please? I haven't heard of or read anything that exposes them in a manner that's negative. If you're simply referring to pricing, I understand your point, but if there's something else I'm missing, please explain.
  11. Try a different browser. With the recent optimizations made in Firefox, a lot of people have noticed a significant performance boost whilst using Firefox instead of Chrome, or other competitor's browsers. I'd give that a try and see if there's any effect. You say you want feedback on your setup... spec wise I'd say you're good to go with pretty much everything at 1080p and even 4K on some titles. If you're looking to improve the way your setup feels, I would recommend posting pictures or something so that people can comment on specific things. One thing I would recommend is getting a phone stand or something of the like, nice little addition. Maybe something like some RGB lights behind the desk if you don't already have them, or maybe a salt lamp or fake potted plant?
  12. All the different HDMI

    When you literally solve a person's question within 10 seconds of googling and opening the first link This could not have been a more concise, answer, just putting the screenshot in lol. Props @Max_Settings!
  13. Controller and PC

    Yes, the drivers and everything are built into Windows 10, you shouldn't have any issues. I had some issues connection my wireless Xbox 360 controller, but that was after the Xbox One controller was the standard and Microsoft changed some things with the pre-loaded drivers. It should be plug and play for you.
  14. WTF Microsoft

    So you spent money on a console instead? Sorry, gonna start the roast
  15. Do This video!! .. before Black Friday!!

    This can't possibly be a troll but its fairly amusing to view it as a half-assed attempt.