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  1. So I'm going to Singapore in July, and I'm planning to pickup a pair of AirPods while I'm at it. And since I want to engrave my AirPods, I have to pick it up at an Apple Store there (no AS at my place lol). But this is my first time doing so, and for people who have did that: Can you guys tell me if I can use my local ID to pickup my stuff there, and if it's not available, am I eligible for a refund, since I have to place my order BEFORE the trip. Thanks!
  2. Nah, the motherboard isn't the problem. Even with 8 lanes at PCI-E 3.0 speed, it would be still plenty for that 2070. And that card is probably getting plenty of juice from the PCI external power connector, not from the board (the board can only supply 75W maximum through the PCI-E slot). The only problem is that the i5 7500 might be causing just a bit bottlenecking for that card.
  3. Oh yeah lol, missed out on that. Ah then it's all fine and great.
  4. Really not bad imo. But isn't that 580 seems a bit too expensive nowadays, or did I miss something?
  5. 1950X has a extreme value but only when comparing to Intel HEDTs, say a i9-9980XE. When compared to the mainstreams such as the 8700K in gaming, it got annihilated.
  6. The 1st gen Ryzen chips did have some issues with RAM, but it has all then been fixed with the 2nd gen ones. The higher the frequency of your RAM, the better for Ryzen. Also, most mid to higher-end will have USB-C ports, and just search for S/PDIF Out support for optical audio.
  7. How about an normal iPad 2018? It's around 270-300 euros right now if I'm not mistaken? And it has got much better performance than almost any tablets on the market (not counting the iPad Pros of course), and it will surely get iOS updates for the next few years.
  8. So there would be a need to develop another version of macOS just for ARM processors. I mean, look at how bad Windows 10 for ARM chips right now. If Apple could find a way to get x86-64 architecture for their next generation of CPUs, at that small package, at that same performance, and somehow not screwing up their macOS for ARM CPUs (if there are one), then it would be much more exciting.
  9. My advice would be a ballin' gaming PC at home, and a thin and light laptop at school.
  10. See if any thing is blocking the gold contacts on the CPU, or else it's really a dead chip.
  11. Yeah 89 with a 360 rad. There must be a problem somewhere. Yeah it's probably the die and the heat-spreader doesn't quite stick to each other.
  12. Actually the 1060 is going to be fine for at least a few years. I won't expect big changes in the GPU's/CPU's performance, like what Nvidia did from Maxwell 2.0 to Pascal, or Intel's Kaby Lake to Coffee Lake. However, I'm still interested on how the GTX/RTX 2060 will performs though...
  13. Also you might want to check out the Gigabyte Aero 15X. Linus did a review of this thing a few months (?) ago, and I'm not sure if it has gotten any better since then. Nonetheless, it's a solid laptop.
  14. Have you checked that the thermal paste between the cooler and the heat-spreader has been applied appropriately? That might cause serious temp issues.