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  1. Thanks for the all the help, but I've actually found a solution to it. for some reason no other Realtek drivers were working except this one "https://www.realtek.com/en/agree-to-download?downloadid=cf135ae478ceaaa91969f6e3fe7fa85b". Not only that but the one on the website for my motherboard model also didn't work, even the disc that came with the motherboard couldn't install the drivers properly. I hope this helps someone.
  2. The reason why I wanted to fix this is because most good headsets I find on amazon are using 3.5mm jacks, i'm restricted to only USB headsets if I can't find a way to fix this. I've tried everything I can find but nothing has worked.
  3. No, I don't have anything like that until I plug in my USB headset that isn't working properly. The only other ones are the 2 monitors, 3 nvidia HD audio outputs and steam streaming microphone and speakers.
  4. Both of them won't work, the case ones and motherboard ones.
  5. Hello. About a year ago I built a PC with an EVGA Z370 motherboard. I've been using a usb headset since I built it, but I wanted to connect a soundbar with the aux port on the computer. I've tried with headphones aswell but no audio is going through and the port isn't recognized on device manager or in the playback devices in the control panel. I've tried installing the realtek drivers from EVGA but I just get an error code from it. I've never been able to plug in anything into the aux ports ever since I built it. Can someone help?
  6. The back ones are on the motherboard and the front ones on the case.
  7. Hello. A few months ago I built a new computer. Everything about it is working just fine except I never could figure out why the aux ports on the computer weren't working... nothing is stuck in them and they don't show up in the windows sound menu. I tried installing drivers for it but I get the error code -0001 when installing realtek drivers. Whenever I would plug in a speaker all I would hear is static. The motherboard is the EVGA Z370 FTW if anyone wants to help. Thanks!
  8. Yeah I guess i'll have to buy a new remote. I have a universal one but none of the codes are working.
  9. Hello. A few years back I got a soundbar from Philips. I went to get it out of the attic and couldn't find the remote for it. Is there any way to turn it on manually or through bluetooth? Thanks. The model number is CSS2133B/F7 if it helps.
  10. Hello. After buying a 120GB SSD, I realized I quickly ran out of space. I looked in WinDirStat and found a good 6th of my storage being used up by AMD system files... I've never used an amd product with this SSD, would they be safe to delete?
  11. I would like to eventually get a real power supply, but for now something $70+ is a big investment for something I don't know if i'll like. That's why i'm wanting to start small with this. I was hoping with it I could maybe make a woodburning pen or a (optimistically) mini welding station.
  12. I have played around with electronics a bit and know most of what not to do, just not smaller components like this. The model number is "ADP-65HB BB"
  13. Hello. I'm just getting into electronics and found an old 19v, 3.5 amp laptop charger I could use for cool projects. There is, however, a surge protector (or whatever its called, I don't know terms yet) keeping it from running current continuously. I don't know if it is there to protect the charger from overloading its components or not, but is there a way to remove it so I can have some fun with it? I have these 2 graphite rods that i'm using now to try and strike an arc which looks cool but its hard to start because of my problem.
  14. I know that. I also tried 2666 and it did the same thing.