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  1. Sweet, thank you for the info guys. I can give my client some peace of mind.
  2. Just read thru most of his recent reviews. There is almost no difference between say the Seasonic 1000w platinum and the Seasonic 1000w titanium EMI levels. Differences do appear to exist between brands and platforms though. Anyone know why he uses different graphs for a lot of the Corsair PSUs? https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-sf600-platinum-psu,5936-10.html https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/fsp-hydro-ptm-650w-psu,5904-10.html Many of the graphs for corsair PSUs are different looking.. is it the same test?
  3. Oh this is what I'm looking for. Just have to find a review of the same unit with different 80 plus ratings and compare them.
  4. No idea. That's why I made this post. I should rephrase. It "appeared" to me to beat the corsair.
  5. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=444; https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-hx850-psu,5257.html
  6. It beat the corsair by less than 1% in many of the technical tests. Obviously for real world use this doesn't matter.. but I still like to know what's under the hood.
  7. No it's a nutritionist/functional medicine office. He says he and many of his clients have https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_hypersensitivity It doesn't have to be EM free, he just wants whatever is known to give off the least amount.
  8. I'm so close to finishing my build. I'm just hung up on the brand of PSU. Both match my case aesthetic well. Both will do the job. Which would would you prefer? Any differences I should know about? EVGA P2 Platinum or Corsair HX/HXi Platinum Basically, all I can get from the reviews is the EVGA has slightly better performance and the corsair is a little quieter? Is this correct?
  9. I think when he said magnets, he was mixing it up with the coils. The inductors I think, which look like electromagnets. Also I know that's true for heat.. but not sure about radiation.
  10. I build PCs for some interesting people lol. Latest client is concerned about EM, EF radiation or whatever. For me this usually stops at putting my phone in airplane mode at night lol. I wasn't able to answer his question though.. "Do higher efficiency PSUs give off more radiation because they gotta turn the magnets up to hit those efficiency levels?" I was trying so hard to keep a straight face. I know the "radiation" is fairly harmless but I'm still curious.. If you took two identical PSUs one Gold and one Titanium, same brand, same watt
  11. Yes it is "officially" supported. I know they added it recently though. Maybe they're still working the kinks out? Not sure why the GPU wouldn't sink perfect. Its an Asus product.. I'd double check I downloaded the right version of Aura Sync
  12. It's hard to find info on the differences. Is there anything that Aura sync does that polychrome does not? For example, Z390 boards, like the Asrock phantom gaming 6 vs Asus Strix. Can an Asrock board do all the same effects as an Asus one? Are the lights on the boards themselves individually addressable?
  13. What's the fastest laptop size drive for ripping/reading DVDs? Or are they all the same at this form factor?
  14. Ok so I'm torn between the 8600k and the 8700k. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3407-intel-i5-9600k-cpu-review-vs-2700-2600-8700k GN tests the frametime plot of these chips. And it shows the 6c/6t chip has delays in some games, while the 6c/12t 8700k doesn't have delays. I noticed the frame time plot test says 1080p. I couldn't find the monitor or refresh rate info they tested with. My question is, at 1440p, on a 144hz monitor with the 8600k, will I still experience the same frame time delay as this 1080p test? Do