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  1. I tried downloading the mystic lighting software for my mother board but all I get is "This platform doesn't support this application." Not sure why. On the website it shows ans says it can but wont give any solutions to how to fix the issue.
  2. I was just wondering what the best and safest temps would be for running my GPU and CPU when gaming, idle, or surfing the web. I tried the website but no one seems to know. Weird. I also wanted to know what software would be best to help me monitor these temps. Right now I have MSI Afterburn but I'm not sure how to use completely. I'm still trying to figure things out. I have an MSI Geforce RTX 2080 bgb gddr6 and an intel i59600k 9th gen.
  3. I found something. I'm going to try and see if it works. I'll let you know if it does! Thank you for all your help bro!!!
  4. ok. Im being given the options to update driver, disable driver, uninstall driver, scan for hardware changes, and properties.
  5. I also tried going through the command prompt but it wont let me clean the devise. It says it cannot locate something. Let me open it back up.
  6. It is a laptop but it should be 500 gigs. The external hard drives were filled with movies I had with me on deployment but for some reason I somehow messed them up. I dont even remember what it was I did.
  7. It says it is Disk 0 but it also says it is (C:)
  8. ok. I'll give it shot through the command prompt. What do you think when it comes to the 29 gig disk. It is suppose to be 500 gigs but Im not sure what happened. I remember a few years ago I formatted the laptop and it deleted everything including the software instead of just the stuff I wanted gone. I then reinstalled windows on it and it had only 29 gigs of memory.