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  1. Well, I figured I would take both back and just rebuy them after the next gen chip announcement because I would think they both would drop in price. I think the motherboard would drop in price because when gen 2 ryzen came out they released all new motherboards for those chips so that might happen again with gen 3.
  2. yeah, that's very sound logic thanks for the advice. I am just tired of waiting haha! but its only a week and I have to wait for my ram to come in the mail anyway.
  3. I got the Asus Prime x470-Pro its really nice but yeah if I am going to return the chip then i should also return the motherboard because from gen one to gen two there were new motherboards that worked better with gen 2. So that will probably happen again
  4. I know this is the rational thing to do, but im having a hard time convincing myself to do it. haha
  5. You are probably right, its just really bad timing ugh I want to build it so badly haha, I guess I will just return it and wait and see. ?
  6. So I have been wanting to build a fully custom PC for a long time now and went full balls to the wall last night and got a lot of stuff, then when I got home I saw a video that said there was a rumor that the next gen ryzen was going to be announced at CES next week and that all the CPU's were getting an extra 2 cores! So this puts me in a hard spot, do I just build my PC now or should I take back the CPU and motherboard and wait for the announcement because the price of both of them should drop? I never really pay attention to CPU pricing, when new CPU's get announced do the prices of last ge