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    Behind my desk


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    i7 7700HQ
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    2x8GB 2667 MHz
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    GTX 1060
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    Alienware 13R3
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    512GB Toshiba NVMe SSD
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    1440p OLED display
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Panasonic RPHJE120 ;-;7
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    Windows 10

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  1. Aereldor

    PS4 Exclusives

    First off, what an amazing reply. Thank you! Then I'll probably wait for a PS5! Well, there's one less breaking point. As for The Last Of Us 2, I've actually held off on playing the first one, and doubled down when the remaster came out. Shadow of the Colossus seems to have improved effects and draw distance on the pro even in the 60fps 'performance mode', and the 30fps 2k 'cinematic mode' is honestly earth-shatteringly gorgeous. I've held off on the original game because I love the concept so much, but I may give up and emulate PS2 on PC. I forgot to mention this! I also need to figure out if PSN has country-varying prices. On Steam, prices in the currency are related directly to purchasing power. I live in the US, but I set up my accounts back home in India, so I get Steam games for a fraction of the cost. However, it just won't be worth it if I need to pay US retail prices.
  2. Aereldor

    PS4 Exclusives

    I forgot about Horizon Zero Dawn, I'm looking forward to playing that. I really like Blue Point's work on the remaster, since they essentially remade the game from the ground up. The original game was an absolute marvel for simulating all that it did on the PS2 (and I can emulate it on PC without a hitch) but it does look significantly dated. I'm not saying a game has to look realistic and modern to be a good game, but I love the look of the remake. RDR2 I'm definitely playing on PC. Spider man, maybe. Hey, if the Final Fantasy VII remake is going to be on PS5, I don't care if I have to wait 2 more years. Gives me time to graduate.
  3. Aereldor

    PS4 Exclusives

    I'm on the fence about a PS4 Pro. Lifelong PC gamer, but the Shadow of the Colossus remake, Bloodborne, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and The Last Of Us 2 are going to break me. I got away with emulating Breath of the Wild (1440p 60fps, all hail the PC master race). I got away with emulating Xenoblade Chronicles. But we can't even emulate PS3 games well, let alone PS4. Convince me. What are some other awesome PS4 exclusives that I'm missing out on? Or am I better off waiting a few years for a PS5, in the hope that I can run all of these games?
  4. Aereldor

    File Explorer Dark Theme

    Woo looks betteer thanks!
  5. Aereldor

    File Explorer Dark Theme

    This is how it looks in light mode This is how it looks in dark mode-
  6. Aereldor

    File Explorer Dark Theme

    God damn it. It just really sucks that the search bar in the taskbar can only be set to a colour in dark mode. In light mode, it's stuck at white. It's disgusting.
  7. Aereldor

    File Explorer Dark Theme

    After a Windows update, I can't make file explorer independent of the overall light/dark windows theme. Earlier, I could have the settings and taskbar set to the dark theme, but file explorer would remain in its default light theme. This also affects the Cortana/Search menu- I can get it to match my taskbar colour in the dark theme, but it's solid white in the light theme. I don't like how this looks. Does anyone know how to change File Explorer back to the light theme but leave the rest of Windows on the dark theme? Regards, Aereldor.
  8. 1600x900 master race. Doesn't look bad at all on a smaller monitor. And when that fails... 1024x768 master race
  9. Aereldor

    In-ear monitors

    My beloved Shure SE-215s were recently stolen out of a practice room (thanks, music school). I won't have the money to replace them for a long time, so I'm looking at other options, around $30. I'm looking for a durable pair of earphones with good clarity and a flat response. A mic is a bonus (my SE215s had one). I wouldn't mind going up $5 or so for a model with a mic. I found the Soundmagic E10 earphones were $30 on Amazon. No mic but I've heard about these hundreds of times. Or do you think I'm better off waiting for Black Friday? Are deals announced in advance?
  10. Aereldor

    New Gaming PC 0.2

    Good build. I'd say that you should spend a little more and get an 800-850w power supply so you can upgrade to SLI in the future. The 1080 Ti will inevitably become cheaper and getting a second one will be a collossal upgrade. Your motherboard already supports SLI and you clearly have room for it, but your power supply won't be able to handle another 1080 Ti. Just a consideration.
  11. Aereldor

    Buy or wait

    Wait. Prices will plummet when the new GPUs hit, and you'll be able to save more money; so if you can afford a 1080 now, you may be able to afford a 1080 ti in a month or two, which is a significant upgrade.
  12. Aereldor

    Best cheap USB CD/DVD player?

    I'm looking for a very inexpensive USB CD/DVD player for my laptop. I'd prefer to spend less than $20.
  13. Aereldor

    Logitech G710 + or Corsair Strafe

    REKT Man I had my hopes up for German LTT users. Oh well, I guess the Indians still get to reign with their $35 MX Blue Keyboard (BOIII). Yeah, I just got back to the forums recently. My laptop got fixed and I got some games, so it sort of brought me back. That and LTT was always the best place for recommendations.
  14. Aereldor

    Logitech G710 + or Corsair Strafe

    Good to see you on here again. 40 EUR on Amazon for this Ducky Shine with blues https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00TL4MN38/?tag=pcp05-21 Just 35 EUR on mindfactory https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Ducky-schwarze-Leder-Handgelenkauflage-fuer-Shine-4--DKSH1408SD-CUSALAAB_998161.html
  15. Huh, that's not bad at all. The 7820x should at least drop to a reasonable price once the 9900k is out. That said, it has markedly lower single-thread performance than the 8700k, and this will show up under gaming loads at higher framerates or in more CPU-bound scenarios (emulation, lots of NPCs, large-scale MMOs, physics-heavy stuff).