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  1. Thanks a lot man! This Christmas break is gonna be awesome!
  2. Do you think we could shave off enough for me to afford to get 2 monitors from the start? The build seems a bit overkill for what I plan to play anyways. BTW I still need a monitor
  3. Thanks for the advice man! I dont play that many Triple A games though. Only really TF2 minecraft bioshock Unturned and so on. The most taxing game I may ever play is Ark Evolved.
  4. Dont worry I removed the rear wall of the cabinet and I could cut holes in the sides if things heat up
  5. Thanks a lot man! I was a bit partial to Nvidia because of shadowplay so does AMD have anything similar?
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking to finally build my first gaming PC this Christmas. I would've done it a while ago but my Grammy needed a house . Anyways I'm looking to build one now. I have a budget of about $700 USD. I live in the Bahamas and it's getting shipped here but our currency is equal. I need a PC for gaming. I might try to learn video editing later on. I don't a monitor but i plan to run at 1080p. I have an old keyboard and a $5 wireless mouse but if I can afford to I'd love to replace the keyboard with a ten keyless and the mouse with something better. I don't really care about the case be
  7. Oh yeah I forgot there should be a sale sometime this summer. I better just wait until then to buy games. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the quick responses! Based on what I've heard so far i think it would be best to just buy through steam the old fashioned way
  9. Hey whats up guys. I heard about a site called G2A that sell steam cd keys for pretty cheap. I went to their site and they look pretty legit. Anyone has any past experiences with these guys?
  10. We're both on our own accounts but his account is set to have my PS4 as primary and vice versa
  11. I've bought six games for the both of us. He has bought one. I think I need a new "other-half" considering he didn't help pay for any of those. I can't activate my PS4 as my primary because my account has his PS4 as its primary. I'm not about to fly to America and go to his house just to deactivate it that's why I came here.
  12. OK so I'm game sharing on my PS4. If anyone doesn't know what game sharing is its basically swapping rights to tour accounts with another person by switching main PS4s (that was grossly oversimplified I know) but now I'm sick of it. The main problem with Game sharing is that when you don't have an Internet connection you can't play any of the games that you bought. That means that I can only play discs and the one game that the other guy bought. For a guy like me with 10+ games on his console that are all downloads, you can see how this might be a problem. Is there any way that I could kick hi
  13. OK thanks for the help. I had an old laptop that's at my grandmother's house. The hard drive got messed up but the RAM should still be good. I'll salvage the stick from that. Goodnight my good sir. (it's half past nine where I am)